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Gone in Seconds With InstaGONE Pro! – New Product Tuesday

Market leader InstaGONE now even better

InstaGONE wowed the As Seen on TV world 15 years ago, and now it’s back and it’s even better. For this New Product Tuesday, we give you: InstaGONE Pro, which is even more powerful than its predecessor, which has sold four million units and counting. Continue reading

TurboTax Canada Courts Young Filers With ‘Sexy’ Ads

TurboTax Canada, the online tax filing service, has launched the clever “My First Time” ad campaign targeting millennials, in which cool, swinging young people describe their “first time.” Wink wink. But the first time they’re talking about isn’t hot, steamy sex. They’re talking about filing taxes.

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New Product Tuesday: Mow Less With Grassology

For this New Product Tuesday, we give you Grassology, a scientific breakthrough that grows green grass all year round that requires less mowing and watering. Just sprinkle these seeds on your existing lawn to grow a lush, virtually maintenance-free lawn.

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File Taxes Online Free With H&R Block

Beat the taxman!

If your taxes are simple this year, you can file for free online or get 15 percent off paid tax returns with H&R Block. With the discount, basic returns are just $16.99.

H&R Block offers a complete array of tax services, along with the latest innovations in tax filing, including the 1040EZ Tax App, which allows you to file right from your smartphone.

April 15 is right around the corner. Get a jump on the taxman now so you can rest easy. Find the right H&R Block online tax filing solution for you.

Vistaprint Promo Code: Get 25% off (Limited-Time Offer)!

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With this limited-time Vistaprint promo code, take an additional 25 percent off Vistaprint’s already low prices on all its quality print-on-demand marketing products, including business cards, shirts, mugs, stamps and banners. Vistaprint is the go-to online printer, featuring extremely fair prices and lightning-quick turnaround. We’ve been using them for years. Just enter the coupon code VPCART091 at checkout for 25 percent off your entire domestic U.S. order. This discount code will be applied automatically if you use this link to shop and save at Offer is good through February 23, 2014.

Deal of the Day: Vince Offer Resurrects Slap Chop!

Making salsa - Slap Chop Luncheon
Make quick work of salsa and countless other dishes with Slap Chop.

Infamous and inVinceable Vince Offer is back peddling his Slap Chop in an attempt to resurrect interest in this once market-dominating As Seen on TV classic. As we demonstrated in this blog post a few years ago during the Slap Chop’s heyday, it’s easy to whip up a three-course meal in no time with this ultra-handy gadget.

“Slap Chop performs pretty much as advertised. You push down on the plunger and foods get chopped. The blade is sharp. The Slap Chop seems plenty sturdy and its butterfly hinge makes it easy to clean.”

And our rave back in 2009 still holds true: “We’re happy to say that the Slap Chop performs pretty much as advertised. You push down on the plunger and foods get chopped. The blade is sharp. While it’s not by any means a precision instrument, the Slap Chop seems plenty sturdy and its butterfly hinge makes it easy to clean.”

Original offer doubled: 2 for 1, plus 2 free Graty graters

The Slap Chop is the same easy-to-use everyday kitchen appliance that millions have added to their culinary routines, and with the current deal, you can get two for the price of one, plus get a bonus gift. Order now to get two Slap Chops, plus two Graty graters for $19.95 plus S&H! The Graty is a slick, easy-to-use grater for cheeses that comes with a lid, so you can keep it in the fridge and pull it out whenever you need to kick up pasta or tacos a notch or three.

New Product Tuesday: Destroy Bed Gap With Mattress Wedge

Close the gap with Mattress Wedge

For New Product Tuesday, we choose an item like the Mattress Wedge that we ourselves would actually use, that we feel might actually enrich our lives. No lie! It’s funny when something like the Mattress Wedge appears on the infomercial horizon and causes something to click in your brain—that “Aha!” moment when it all becomes clear, and you realize: Here is a thing that some clever so-and-so designed to fix a very real—and very menacing—modern problem! At last!

Mattress Wedge is the award-winning patented solution that closes the gap between your mattress and the wall or headboard of any size bed. Now pillows stay comfortably under your head, not under the bed. Use it in the kids’ room, where toys disappear in the open space between the bed and wall, and you’re stuck digging in the crack to retrieve them. Place a Mattress Wedge on your child’s bed, and those toys will never get lost again.

But wait—there’s more!

Mattress Wedge also comes with two detachable pockets in which you can hold remote controls, keys and whatever else you might want to keep handy next to your head.


Don’t Forget Your Dude: Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him

For the dude in your life, rely on Bradford Exchange for a unique gift this Valentine’s Day. Act now to get it in time for the big day, and get free engraving on all jewelry. Bradford Exchange has been the go-to mail-order gift company for more than 30 years.

Sterling Silver Men’s 3-Diamond Ring With Engraved Message

Sterling Silver Men's 3-Diamond Ring With Engraved MessageThis year’s hot gifts for him include this flashy sterling-silver ring featuring a bold, contemporary design and three genuine diamonds. The inside of the band is engraved with the message “Today, Tomorrow and Always.”

Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Seahawks Personalized Men’s Ring

Super Bowl XLVIII Champions Seahawks Personalized Men's RingThe sports fan in your life can celebrate the Seahawks’ recent Super Bowl win with this sterling-silver ring with 18k-gold plating. It comes with a gift box and free engraving of your man’s initials.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Champs Collector Plate 

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Champs Collector PlateThis officially licensed Heirloom Porcelain Super Bowl XLVIII collector plate is limited to an edition of 4,800. It features game highlights, logos and a platinum border.

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Championship Stein

Seattle Seahawks Super Bowl XLVIII Championship SteinThis commemorative stoneware stein honoring the Seahawks’ Super Bowl win features a “pigskin” handle, a football topper and game images, and is limited to an edition of 5,000.