Royal Posture Back Supporter

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Royal Posture Back Supporter

Royal Posture is the amazing back support that perfectly aligns your spine to relieve back pain. Just slip the straps over your shoulders and secure the closure. Your posture will gently start shifting. You’ll see a brand new you. Sitting slumped all day can create a crooked neck, rounded shoulders and tummy rolls. But Royal Posture supports your neck, spine and lower back.

Poor posture can cause poor circulation, sore muscles, neck slouch, belly rolls and curvature of the back. Royal Posture’s unique ergonomic design gently realigns your shoulders and spine into the perfect position. Back brace are hard to hide, but Royal Posture is virtually undetectable under clothing. The stretchable neoprene, nylon and cotton blend is so breathable it feels like a second skin.

Royal Posture is the perfect companion for car trips, long haul truckers, construction workers and office employees.

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