ROX Ice Ball Maker

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ROX Ice Ball Maker

Say goodbye to watered-down drinks and hello to long-lasting ice balls the easy way at home with ROX Ice Ball Maker. Now you can have the classy large ice balls that fancy restaurants and high-end bars serve right at home. ROX Ice Ball Maker’s special spherical design melts slower than regular ice cubes. Taste your drink – not the ice!

Rox is as easy to use as a regular ice cube tray.

ROX Ice Ball Maker is as easy to use as a regular ice cube tray: fill, secure the lid and freeze. ROX Ice Ball maker is made of BPA-free food grade silicone, so the ice balls easily slide right out. Each tray makes 4 ice balls that last and last.

ROX Ice Ball Maker comes with a free recipe guide filled with fun treats for the whole family. Learn how easy it is to freeze fresh garnishes right into the ice balls for beautiful decorative drinks. Make ice pops and fruit punch ice balls your kids will love. And ROX Ice Ball Maker is oven safe so you can make cake balls, chocolate chip cookie balls, meatballs and more.


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