Rocky Mountain Knife

Rocky Mountain Knife

The Rocky Mountain Knife has the strength and the tools to help you survive in any disaster. When you’re in the outdoors, hunting, fishing, hiking or even prepping – experts agree that if you have just one tool with you, it should be a survival knife. And the one tool that has it all is the Rocky Mountain Knife.

Super strong and super sharp.

With a super-sharp survival blade and serrated spine, the Rocky Mountain Knife has all the strength you need along with all the tools to get you out of trouble or keep you out of trouble.

“We all need to be prepared.” – Thom Buck

For thousands of years, man has depended on a cutting tool of some kind to help meet basic survival needs like food, water, fire and shelter. In the modern era, disaster scenarios are occurring far more often. Whether it is a natural or man-made disaster, you and your family must be prepared for anything.

Be prepared with a complete emergency preparedness kit.

Simply unlock the handle of your Rocky Mountain Knife and you’ll be equipped with our emergency preparedness kit with fishing line, whistle,  NSA-proof compass, sharpener and our true spark flint for making fires anywhere, anytime, using virtually anything for fuel.

Only with the Rocky Mountain Knife can you catch, clean, cook and consume. You can’t ask for more from a knife. But if you don’t have it, it can’t help you. As part of our Survive America campaign, we’re offered a limited number of Rocky Mountain Knives, including the emergency preparedness kit and nylon sheath, direct from the factory at an introductory price.

Bonus Paracord Bracelet.

As a bonus, you’ll also be equipped with an ultra-light, ultra-strong Paracord Bracelet. It’s great for everyday solidarity, or simply unravel and deploy the paracord in time of need.

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