Rocket Fishing Rod

Rocket Fishing Rod

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Rocket Fishing Rod

The Rocket Fishing Rod is the fun and easy way for kids to catch fish. If you’ve ever taken your kids fishing, you know how hard it is for them to cast with an ordinary fishing pole. This rod makes fishing fun and easy. Just cock it and shoot it. The fishing lure shoots out really far, out to where the fish are. The Rocket Fishing Rod is a real fishing rod that catches real fish.

No tangled lines mean more time fishing.

Here’s the secret. When the bobber hits the water, it opens up and the hook falls to the right depth, where the fish are. Then you just reel them in. Fishing can bring the whole family together. Moms and dads — with the Rocket Fishing Rod you can spend more time with your kids and less time messing with tangled lines.

Comes with everything you need to start fishing.

Have fun practice shooting your rod in your own backyard. Practice your aim so you can shoot right where the fish are. Catching fish is fun and easy. Grandparents, taking kids fishing is now fun and easy. Even younger kids can fish all by themselves. Both boys and girls love this rod, and over 1/2 million have been sold. Comes with everything you need to start fishing right away. Order the Rocket Fishing Rod. Makes the perfect gift the kids will love.


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