Rocket Copters

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Rocket Copters

Rocket Copters are the super-bright light-up-the-night helicopters you can launch up to 150 feet. They’re insane nighttime fun. Hook it up to the launch band and rocket your copter high into the sky. Watch the light show come alive with the high intensity LED lights that can be seen up to half a mile away. It’s the coolest thing ever!

Have a blast competing against your friends in awesome outdoor games. Or fly ’em solo and learn amazing tricks like the boomerang. Even challenge your family to see who can launch them the highest. Rocket Copters feature a premium high impact shock proof frame, super durable light weight wings, and ultra bright LED light for hours of fun.


2 thoughts on “Rocket Copters

  1. While playing with a brand new set of rocket copters The rubber band broke and hit my daughter in the eye and left a mark and she cried For a considerable amount of time . are all of your products this Defective? This will Have some looking into on my part. There may be an issue here!

    1. Sorry to hear that Clint, but this is a website that streams TV commercials. We don’t make or sell anything. You’ll need to contact this company directly with your concerns.

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