Red Copper Square Pan

Red Copper Square Pan

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Red Copper Square Pan

If you liked Cathy Mitchell’s original Red Copper Pan, you’ll love her new Red Copper Square Pan. It’s the newest technology in non-stick, made with ceramic and super-strong copper. Red Copper Square is a skillet, fryer, roaster, baking pan, plus much more. High sides prevent splatters, and the square design gives you double the cooking space to fit more food.

The most versatile pan ever.

Red Copper Square is oven-safe. Bake fresh bread for about a dollar a loaf, or the thickest lasagna. Everything wipes right out for easy cleanup. Red Copper uses 100% pure copper, and thanks to anti-scratch technology it resists the toughest punishment. The aluminum rings on the bottom ensure even heat for no hot spots.

Add the frying basket, and now it’s a deep fryer. Perfect for pasta. Cook, drain and serve, all in one pan. Dishwasher safe, and PFOA and PTFE free. Won’t scratch, peel or leave chips in your food.

Free recipe book, frying basket and steamer rack.

Get Cathy’s Red Copper Quick Dinner and Desserts Recipe Book for free. Order Red Copper Square now and also get the frying basket and steamer rack free.


17 thoughts on “Red Copper Square Pan

  1. do you have to pre treat this pan. why does this not say so in the commercials? I did and I let it cool and it has brown spots on the bottom. I called and was told to soak in luke warm soapy water over night. I of course have not cooked in this pan. not happy with having to pre heat. Ms. Mitchell should include this process in her commercials.

  2. I have the squar fry pan, but I need the cook book, I ordered your dump dinners cook book, but no recipe for the squar fry pan! HELP

    1. We placed a customer service link in an earlier comment on this page. You can check the status of your order.

    2. I ordered mine a few weeks ago and it just came in the mail 2 days ago. It is totally worth the wait, though! So far, its claims have proved true.

  3. My pan did not come with a recipe book. How can I obtain one for the recipes shown on the TV commercial?

  4. As Connie said,commercial shows a mixer being used to scramble eggs,the care book says don’t use metal utinsels. The book also says don’t use the glass cover in the oven,but 5 lines down it says to pre-heat oven before putting pan and cover in the oven-what gives???

  5. Just purchase the red copper square pan, the commercials say you can use a mixer in the pan. Instructions say “Do not use metal in the pan” which is true?

  6. Would like the tv commercial receipes Cathy mitchel does on tv commercials with the red copper square pan. How do I get those exact receipes?

    1. I was looking for the same recipes Liz…I finally looked under Copper Ware Recipes & there are LOTS of recipes some are the same as on Cathy Mitchel’s TV AD.

  7. I bought your product on line and paid for it on my debit card the reference # is 63440001 and was sent to some one in a different state. My name is Dawn Muncy my address is [hidden]. Please help me fix this problem. My number is [hidden].

    1. Bud, this website streams TV commercials. We don’t sell anything. We’ve provided a link to the official website (click “ORDER RED COPPER SQUARE” or we also have links to Red Copper pans on Happy shopping!

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