Red Copper Mug

Red Copper Mug

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Red Copper Mug

Coffee tastes best in a ceramic mug, but you can’t travel with one. Plastic and metal travel mugs are convenient, but they ruin the flavor. You need the Red Copper Mug. Now, Red Copper’s combination of copper and ceramic is available to go. It keeps coffee fresh all day long, and it never tastes bitter or burnt, or old and cold. And there’s no metallic taste.

Seals in flavor. Keeps hot drinks hot, and cold drinks cold.

The secret is the dual-wall construction infused with exclusive Red Copper ceramic, creating a flavor-saving seal inside the mug. Keeps coffee hot and fresh for 6 hours. Keeps ice frozen for 12 hours. Red Copper Mug is the only travel mug of its kind. Dishwasher safe.

Red Copper Mug is drip and leak proof.

With its patented drip guard and leak proof lid, drop it in your bag and it won’t spill a drop. When you get where you’re going, your drink will still be hot. And with its vacuum base, Red Copper Mug will not tip over and spill. It locks to the surface when hit, then releases when lifted.


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