Red Copper Flipwich

Red Copper Flipwich Sandwich Maker

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Red Copper Flipwich Sandwich Maker

Do cold sandwiches have your family snoring because they’re so darn boring? This will wake them up. Cathy MItchell is here with her new Red Copper Flipwich Sandwich Maker. It lets you flip, flip, flip delicious hot sandwiches in minutes. Flipwich is lightweight, with two interlocking grill pans and Red Copper’s amazing non-stick ceramic surface.

Makes all your favorites, faster and easier.

Try adding cheese, bacon and beaten eggs. Close the lid and lock the handle. Then flip. Presto, a hot and hearty breakfast sandwich you can eat on the go. The secret is the twin chambers that create a sealed environment, cooking faster and easier.

Make amazing grilled cheese, sizzling wraps or a perfect panini. It’s the best way to press, flip and cook mouthwatering burgers. Or make six hot dogs at once. Look at those grill marks! And Flipwich is really non-stick. Even Cathy’s overstuffed cheesy pita pizza comes right out with no sticking. Or stuff French toast with strawberries. You’ve got to try it.

Kids will flip for these indoor s’mores. Flipwich is old-fashioned family fun. Use ordinary bread and add any pie filling and make delicious pudgy pies. Try waffles, bagels, tortillas and more. The possibilities are endless.

Special TV double offer.

Order your Red Copper Flipwich for only $19.99 plus S&H. Plus, get Cathy’s fantastic Flipwich recipe book absolutely free. Double Offer — you can get a second complete set when you pay a separate fee. But there’s even more. You’ll also get the new Forever Sharp Copper Knife free. It’s razor sharp, and food slides right off. It’s an incredible value.

$19.99 plus S&H


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