Red Copper Better Pasta Pot

Red Copper Better Pasta Pot

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Red Copper Better Pasta Pot

The Red Copper Better Pasta Pot is cooking expert Cathy Mitchell’s better way to make pasta. The tempered glass lid doubles as a strainer. The large 5 quart pot has easy lock handles. Just lift and the handles automatically lock, so when you drain the water, the pasta stays in. You can be sure the lid will stay on tight. Not even pounds of potatoes can unlock this lid.

Easy draining. No scratching, sticking or scrubbing.

It’s the perfect pot for spaghetti night. The Red Copper Better Pasta Pot is infused with pure copper and has anti-scratch technology to resist the toughest punishment. And it’s slippery non-stick ceramic so everything comes right out with no sticking. Not even Cathy’s cheesy chili mac will stick, so there’s never any hard scrubbing needed to clean your pot. It’s easier to use than flipping on a light switch.

The durable lid has large holes for draining delicate ravioli, and small for tiny vegetables. Brown ground beef and easily drain the grease. Add Cathy’s special ingredients and you’ve got prize-winning chili. Or cook, drain and serve a mountain of peel and eat shrimp without extra dishes to clean. Whether it’s a dozen eggs or a bushel of corn,  just lift and lock and you’ll get a safe and steady pour like never before.


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