RC Pocket Racers

RC Pocket Racers

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RC Pocket Racers

Introducing Pocket Racers, the furiously fast, wickedly fun micro RC cars you can race like a pro. Small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. RC Pocket Racers offer mind-blowing speed and super precise, razor sharp handling. Plug in the charger for a few short minutes and Pocket Racers are ready for you to unleash their fury.

The micro RC car you can race like a pro.

Drag race your friends. Create a super cool obstacle course to fine tune your driving skill. Make jumps and catch some air. Even lay down some rubber with full throttle donuts. Pocket Racers are insane!

Pocket Racers come fully equipped.

Each Pocket Racer comes fully equipped, with a 1.2V NiCd rechargeable car battery, super bright LED headlights, 4 racing cones, and a display case that is also the charger and amazingly transforms in a full 4-way remote control.

Choose from 4 furiously fast models.

Order your RC Pocket Racer and choose from four awesome models: Bull, Phantom, Fury or Bullet. Order 2 or more and the additional Pocket Racers ship free!


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