Premier Shade Trees – New Product Tuesday

Why not beautify your yard with beautiful shade trees? Renowned American poet Joyce Kilmer famously penned, “I think that I shall never see / A poem lovely as a tree, ” and you can’t plant poems in your yard anyway.

This As Seen on TV Shade Tree offer gets you four different hardy trees that will grow almost anywhere you live in these United States: Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Pin Oak and Tulip Poplar.

This is a good deal, as long as you’re aware that these are very tiny trees that will take years or decades to grow to a size that will provide shade or protection from the sun. Go to your local nursery and price larger trees and you’ll see that four mature shade trees cost a little more than $10 plus shipping. If you have space in your yard, and a lot of patience, here’s where to order.

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