Premier Shade Trees

Premier Shade Trees

Premier Shade Trees

With Premier Shade Trees from Gardener’s Collection, you can transform your yard into a lush, leafy paradise. These trees grow super-fast and require very little care. In just a season or two, you could have it made in the shade.

Shade trees can cut your power and water bills.

Shade trees can save you big money on watering and air conditioning. Plus, they freshen the air and offer kids and pets a great retreat from the hot sun.

Order now from this very special Gardener’s Collection offer and receive the vibrant Red Maple tree for just $10 plus shipping. The majestic Red Maple (acer rubrum) adds beauty and rich color to any landscape. It’ll be covered with red flowers in early spring, followed by dense green foliage all summer long.

As part of this special offer, you’ll also receive the amazing Sugar Maple (acer saccharum) Tree as a free bonus (just pay extra shipping). The Sugar Maple features stunning shades of scarlet, crimson and gold, and is extremely sturdy and resistant to cold.

Buy 1 tree, get 3 free.

But that’s not all. If you act right now, Gardener’s Collection will double the offer and send you two more shade trees absolutely free. That’s right, you’ll also receive the gorgeous Tulip Poplar and distinctive Pin Oak tree at no additional charge. The Tulip Poplar has glossy, fiddle-shaped leaves and fragrant flowers. The Pin Oak is known for its unique horizontal branches and pyramid shape.

Order Shade Trees or Learn More

Don’t miss this incredible opportunity to get all four of America’s Premier Shade Trees for the incredible price of only $10 plus shipping. Your shade tree collection ships at 2 to 5 feet tall, and arrives ready to plant. These amazing trees quickly skyrocket up to 80 feet high. and provide a thick green canopy of shade for your yard. Plant them to beautify barren landscapes, block ugly buildings, or to provide a natural habitat for wildlife right in your own backyard. They’re sure to increase your home’s property value and enhance your quality of life.

What are you waiting for? Order now and get the Red Maple, Sugar Maple, Tulip Poplar and Pin Oak Shade Trees for the fantastic price of only $10 plus shipping.

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