Pops-a-Dent Professional Auto Dent and Ding Repair Kit

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Pops-a-Dent Professional Auto Dent and Ding Repair Kit

Pops-a-dent is the do-it-yourself dent and ding repair kit that saves time and money. Same system used in professional auto body shops. Embarrassing dents and dings disappear in seconds. Body shops will charge you hundreds for paintless dent repair, but you can fix dents of all sizes with Pop-a-Dent and save $$$.

“I dented my husband’s car. But he never knew, because I fixed it myself with Pops-a-Dent.”

Dings and dents from hail, car doors and shopping carts? Just pop it out with Pops-a-Dent. Just press the special adhesive pulling disk onto the dent. Lower the repair bridge onto the disk. Then just turn the knob, and the dent pops right out. The kit comes with everything you need, including complete instructions.

Act now and get One Wipe as a special bonus (just pay S&P). Restores faded finishes to their original luster, guaranteed. One Wipe Intense Restorer penetrates the surface and makes plastic, vinyl and leather look like new in seconds.


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