Pop Goes the 70s CD Collection

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Pop Goes the 70s CD Collection

Now from Time Life, Pop Goes the 70s is the essential CD collection of the biggest and best Top-40 radio hits of the 70s, including 30 of the hardest to find one hit wonder songs. Listen once again to the melodies, the moments, the message that made the 70s magic. The same unforgettable music you’ve seen on the TV commercial hosted by Donny Osmond. 150 songs on 10 CDs, with a 32 page full color booklet of photos and background on the artists and their hits, plus 2 bonus CDs, all held in a special collector’s box.

Hear those songs again.

AM radio ruled in the 70s – pop tunes, rock songs, country ballads, sweet soul music – the enduring soundtrack of that decade. Thrill to over eight hours of wonderful tunes, mellow soft rock, disco hits, sweet love songs and so much more – 150 classic hit recordings by the original artists all in one fabulous collection. Installment pricing available, free shipping, money back guarantee – what are you waiting for? Order Pop Goes the 70s CD Collection today!

Pop Goes the 70s: Featured Songs

Song Sample Brandy (You’re a Fine Girl) Looking Glass 3:04
Song Sample Billy, Don’t Be A Hero Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods 3:40
Song Sample Saturday Night Bay City Rollers 2:56
Song Sample Bad, Bad Leroy Brown Jim Croce 3:00
Song Sample Black and White Three Dog Night 3:51
Song Sample One Bad Apple The Osmonds 2:43
Song Sample I Just Want to Be Your Everything Andy Gibb 3:44
Song Sample Rock Your Baby George McCrae 3:20
150 SONGS ON 10 CDs
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4 thoughts on “Pop Goes the 70s CD Collection

  1. Who has a CD player anymore .. Make it easy to download on our phones . The trend is going back to records . Would love to have as records not outdated cd’s

    1. If you have an online music service like Spotify or Apple Music, you already have access to most of these recordings and you could just make up your own playlist.

  2. already have the songs,why can’t you sell the videos of the artists actually performing the songs,you use them in your ads,I would be much more interested in the video than just the audio.You use hamilton joe frank and reynolds for the song”don’t pull your love”but good luck trying to find that same video,or any video of them actually performing the song.thanks.

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