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Pocket Hose Top Brass

The new Top Brass Professional Pocket Hose is the completely re-engineered version of the world’s best selling expandable hose. Top Brass uses Dura-Rib Technology to create a flexible indo-skeleton inside your hose that expands and contracts, while the outer sleeve is as tough as a fire hose, but soft to the touch. You just can’t kink the Pocket Hose Top Brass. Even if you tie it in a knot, just turn on the water and it unties itself.

The industrial brass connectors seal tight and will not leak. Other brands can collapse under pressure, but Top Brass is so well made that it crushes the competition. And it’s the only expandable hose with a connector protector. The diameter has been increased to a full 3/4″ for a fast flow and much more power. Just turn on the water and Top Brass grows. Then turn it off and away it goes, retracting to its original size. It’s like it puts itself away.

All these great features, and it’s still so lightweight that anyone can use it. That’s the Top Brass. It’s the last hose you’ll ever have to buy. Order now. Remember, the Pocket Hose Top Brass is 3x stronger, with a lifetime guarantee. Sizes up to 100′ available.


2 thoughts on “Pocket Hose Top Brass

  1. We recently received our 100′ Pocket Hose and are impressed with the product. Our order was not complete upon arrival, we had also ordered the 25′ Pocket Hose. As the shipment arrived, there was only the 100′ hose and a note telling me that the company wasn’t able to fill our request of the 25′ hose and that we were upgraded to a 50′ hose. I thank you for this upgrade, however, I have yet to receive the second hose and I am hoping you could help me with this.

    Thank you for any assistance you are able to provide.

    Rodney Hill

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