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PiYo Workout

If you don’t have time for Pilates or yoga classes with long poses or dozens of repetitive movements, PiYo is just the program for you! PiYo is the latest fitness program from Beachbody and high-energy celebrity fitness trainer Chalene Johnson. You may remember Johnson from Beachbody programs ChaLEAN Extreme and Turbo Jam. She’s back at it again, turning her life-long love of health and fitness into exciting, challenging workouts that scorch calories and burn fat.

No Weights. No Jumps. Just Hardcore Results.

PiYo works for all ages and fitness levels, combining the muscle-sculpting, core-firming benefits of Pilates with the strength and flexibility of yoga. Then, PiYo cranks up the speed with a fat-burning, low-impact workout that leaves your body looking long, lean and amazingly defined.

“I wanted to create a workout that would work for every age and fitness level.”

Who says you have to suffer and strain to get incredible results from your workout? PiYo’s 8 workouts burn excess fat and sculpt your whole body, minimizing the aches and pains that come with high-impact workouts. No matter your age or your body type, PiYo will help give you dramatically visible, beautiful results.

 What do you need to succeed with PiYo?

The main thing you need is YOU. Just grab water, a yoga mat and a towel and find a space wide enough to take a step in each direction. Your PiYo 60-Day Calendar lays out your workout schedule as you build your strength, flexibility, and stamina. The Get Lean Eating Plan gives you a simplified approach to clean and lean eating that fits your lifestyle.

“I am 64 years old and in the best physical condition of my life. I actually feel like I’m getting younger!”
– Karen H.

“PiYo has changed my body and my life. The weight I lost and the strength I’ve gained has made me a more confident and assured person.”
– Sarah S.

What Do You Get with PiYo? 8 Workouts on 3 DVDs:

  1. Align: The Fundamentals
  2. Define: Lower Body
  3. Define: Upper Body
  4. Sweat
  5. Core
  6. Strength Intervals
  7. Drench
  8. Sculpt

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Plus 2 More POWERFUL TOOLS for Your Best Results:

  1. Quick Start Guide with everything you need to know to get started
  2. PiYo 60-Day Workout Calendar to chart your progress as you build strength, flexibility, and stamina

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  • Get Lean Eating Plan for clean and lean eating
  • Buns Workout for the perfect butt
  • Tape measure to track your progress
  • 24/7 online support, plus exclusive invitations to live video chats with Chalene Johnson. You’ll find unlimited peer support here, and you can even join a PiYo Challenge Group.

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  1. I ordered PIYO on Apr. 23, 2017, I haven’t gotten an email, the TV said it would be express delivery. Any info on my order?

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