Phantom Saucer

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Phantom Saucer

Phantom Saucer is more than a flying spacecraft toy, it’s the fun magic trick you can learn super quick! This super-secret illusion appears to hover in midair and fly right before your eyes! The Phantom Saucer comes with the “How’d You Do That?” secret code so you can make it go up, down and all around – Phantom Saucer will dazzle your senses and fool your eyes.

Impress any audience!

Phantom Saucer is perfect for magicians of all ages. Become a Phantom Wizard – Phantom Saucer is out of this world! And your kids will love to amaze their friends and family by making Phantom Saucer defy gravity as it magically hovers between their hands. Phantom Saucer is the perfect gift for birthdays, parties and other special occasions.

Phantom Saucer Features:

  • Super easy to learn
  • Makes the perfect gift
  • Great for magicians of all ages
  • Take it everywhere

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