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New Product Tuesday with Crazy Critters

Crazy Critters are stuffing-free, squeaky, durable, machine-washable dog toys. Your dog will love torturing and mauling cuddling and playing with the Friendly Fox and Rugged Raccoon. Get both for $10 plus shipping.

Crazy Critters Dog Toys

New Product Tuesday with Emery Cat

Does your cat hate to have its claws trimmed? With Emery Cat, your cat trims its own claws!

New Product Tuesday with Pet Zoom Pet Park

The Pet Zoom Pet Park is not exactly the same as a dog park. It’s not for running around and catching Frisbees. No, it’s for that off-leash area you call your home. When your pooch has to do its business, it’s definitely better than a pile of newspapers or the living room carpet. Or, you could install an indoor fire hydrant. Your call.

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New – Snuggie for Dogs

The people at Allstar Marketing (they market the Snuggie) aren’t content to have a Snuggie covering every man, woman and child in North America. No, now they want to put a Snuggie on your dog, too. If you haven’t been near a TV or Walgreens for the past year, I suppose it’s possible that you’re now aware of the Snuggie, a fleece blanket with sleeves. Since Snuggie for Dogs is available in the traditional colors that signify gender, I’d expect to see lots of pink and blue lumps on leashes strolling the streets of your neighborhood this fall and winter.

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New Product Tuesday with OVN Dog Vitamins

After watching this spot, I guess I’m a bad person because I don’t provide my pets vitamins or other nutritional supplements. Hey, I take a daily multivitamin to make sure I’m covering the nutritional bases, so why not Fido? What I really like about OVN Dog Vitamins is that they dissolve in water. I hate giving pills!

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