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SciMark Report: A DRTV Weekly Roundup

Every week, product prognosticator Jordan Pine of SciMark Corp. posts his predictions for how new products will do in the marketplace.

So how does this seasoned Caesar of direct-response TV products see the latest batch of As Seen on TV contenders?

In his latest Weekly Roundup, Pine gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to five products that you may or may not see on store shelves in the coming months, depending on how they test. Continue reading

New Product Tuesday with Plaque Blast

Plaque Blast stops bad breath in dogs and catsIf you’ve seen both TV commercials, you might think Plaque Blast is just a knockoff of the very successful Plaque Attack. Both pet products claim to eliminate bad breath, whiten teeth, plus control tartar, plaque and bacteria in dogs and cats. The big difference? Dr. George’s Plaque Blast doesn’t contain any alcohol, which can be bad for your pet.

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New Product Tuesday with Pet Rider

Pet Rider Seat CoverOver the last several years, our urban neighborhood has seen a dramatic increase in its canine population. When our neighbors aren’t out walking their pooches, they’re loading them into the car or SUV for trips to the groomer, the vet, the trainer or the dog park. New dog owners learn immediately that their pets get dirty, muddy and shed lots of hair. Plus, they have claws that can rip, snag and tear carpet and upholstery.

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The Mouse Chaser Cat Toy

The Mouse Chaser Cat ToyThey say a bored kitty is a naughty kitty. And we have two bored kitties – no, make that two bored, overweight kitties – at our house. So when I saw the new motorized cat toy Mouse Chaser, my only question was should I buy one or two?

The Mouse Chaser has a motion-sensor that starts and stops the moving mouse as the cat walks and stalks around the toy. That’s cool for the cat, since it imitates the behavior of a real mouse, but it’s also good for me since it extends the battery life.

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Walmart Offers Free Shipping on As Seen on TV Products

Walmart has free shipping for holiday shopping

Love the convenience of online holiday shopping, but hate those horrid shipping costs? Now you can get your favorite As Seen On TV products shipped FREE… from Walmart.

Walmart has kicked off the holiday season early this year by getting rid of something all online shoppers hate: shipping costs. From now until December 20th, over 60,000 products can be purchased at and either shipped directly to your home or the nearest Walmart store for free. Even sweeter is that unlike certain popular online shopping sites, there is no minimum purchase or annual fee required for free shipping.

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New Product Tuesday with My BFF (My Best Fish Friend)

My Best Fish Friend at the Fair
My Best Fish Friend Pitched at the MN State Fair

Your Savvy Shopper saw My BFF (My Best Fish Friend) in person at the Minnesota State Fair last week, where I snapped these pix. I left convinced that the contents of this little box will definitely grow real live fish.

There were tiny fish swimming in aquariums and even a huge martini glass. The kids in the crowd were captivated. You can see the young boy at the bottom of the first photo begging his parents to make the purchase. My BFF could be a great way to introduce your kid to the fun and responsibility of pet ownership.


New Product Tuesday with BarkOff

Bark Off Stops Dog BarkingOK, so BarkOff is not new. It’s been featured on our website for almost six months. But after another sleepless night, I think it should be introduced to our next door neighbors. They recently adopted a shelter dog (Yay!). It’s been barking all night every night, keeping me awake and cranky (Boo!). Don’t get me wrong, because I love dogs and I want every pooch to have a loving home.

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New Product Tuesday with Solar Animal Repeller

Solar Animal Repeller reviewWant an automatic and humane way to keep four-footed pests off your property? The Solar Animal Repeller has a built-in infrared motion detector that claims to detect unwanted animal visitors day or night and drive them away. The Animal Repeller delivers a powerful ultrasonic “get off my lawn” that’s inaudible to humans, but unpleasant to animals. It’s solar powered and designed to withstand outdoor conditions. Mounts anywhere or use the included mounting stake.

If you’re tired of raccoons tipping over your trash, rabbits eating your lettuce, or other problem pests like squirrels, mice, gophers, deer, skunks, and even stray pets, you may be attracted to the Solar Animal Repeller. If you try it out, let us know how it works for you.

Top 10 Annoying Sounds I’d Turn Off with BarkOff

Bark OffA trip downtown on the bus today got me thinking about BarkOff and how I so wish I could use it on other annoying noises… like the guy who plopped down in the seat next to me, whipped out his cell phone, then proceeded to give some friend a play-by-play of the entire bus ride. I spent the rest of the trip composing a “Top 10 Annoying Noises List”:

  1. Hum of fluorescent lights.
  2. Crazy Frog ringtone at table next to mine in restaurant.
  3. Dentist drill, even if it’s being used on someone else.
  4. Snoring spouse, when I can’t get to sleep.
  5. Nickelback, anytime.
  6. All Ford commercials with Toby Keith.
  7. Car alarm, just as I’m drifting off to sleep.
  8. Gas-powered leaf blowers at 7 a.m. on a Saturday morning.
  9. Driving to the lake with two Styrofoam coolers rubbing together, just out of reach.
  10. Toe-nail clipping in the next cubicle at work.

Wouldn’t it be great to tell the world to STFU, occasionally?
What would YOU like to do with BarkOff?