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Wax Vac Wants You to Stick it in Your Ear

Wax Vac is a tiny vacuum designed to suck earwax and moisture from your ear canal. According to a recent article in the Wall Street Journal, “Doctors strongly discourage using cotton swabs or ear candling to remove earwax and say that unless it’s causing bothersome symptoms, earwax should be left alone.”

Anything you stick in your ear can potentially puncture your eardrum or cause other serious damage. This danger does not stop most folks from using cotton swabs and even less appropriate methods to clean their ears, including hair pins and ear candles. Look at the scary earwax removal tools you can buy on Walmart.

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ElimiTag Skin Tag Remover – New Product Tuesday

ElimiTab Homeopathic Natural Skin Tag RemoverElimiTag Skin Tag Remover may seem familiar. That’s because it’s a copycat product. Whenever an As Seen on TV product becomes wildly successful, and there’s no patent protecting it, others will step in and try and cash in on its success. Back in August, we introduced you to Tag Away, an all-natural homeopathic skin tag remover containing the essential oil thuja occidentalis. Guess what? ElimiTag is also an all-natural homeopathic skin tag remover containing the same active ingredient. And although we personally hadn’t heard of ElimiTag before yesterday, it claims to be the original topical homeopathic skin tag remover.

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Forever Comfy – New Product Tuesday

Forever Comfy Combination Gel/Foam Seat CushionForever Comfy is a seat cushion with a gel-filled core that claims to provide superior comfort for your back and bottom. Everyone knows that sitting too long can leave you with an aching lower back. A recent study even suggests that sitting too much can shave years off your life. The problem is, many of us have jobs that require many hours of parking our butt in an office chair or a seat in a car, truck, bus or plane.

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Tag Away Skin Tag Remover – New Product Tuesday

Buy Tag Away Skin Tag RemoverToday’s new product is Tag Away Skin Tag Remover, a natural way to get rid of annoying skin tags.

I love learning new things. After polling relatives, friends and neighbors, I find I was the only adult in the USA unfamiliar with skin tags (acrochordon), harmless skin growths that appear on various areas of the body. Upon examination, I even have a couple on my neck. Now I know what they are, and also how to get rid of them, thanks to Tag Away.

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New Product Tuesday with Micro Touch Max

Micro Touch Max Men's hair trimmerIs today’s new product really new? The Micro Touch Max does sport a new name, fresh look and packaging, and a new target market. But this lighted hair trimmer for men seems to be functionally identical to the Finishing Touch Lumina, introduced and successfully marketed to women several years back. The Micro Touch Max has been outfitted with new colors and a thicker, ribbed grip. Watch both commercials and draw your own conclusion.

Walmart Offers Free Shipping on As Seen on TV Products

Walmart has free shipping for holiday shopping

Love the convenience of online holiday shopping, but hate those horrid shipping costs? Now you can get your favorite As Seen On TV products shipped FREE… from Walmart.

Walmart has kicked off the holiday season early this year by getting rid of something all online shoppers hate: shipping costs. From now until December 20th, over 60,000 products can be purchased at and either shipped directly to your home or the nearest Walmart store for free. Even sweeter is that unlike certain popular online shopping sites, there is no minimum purchase or annual fee required for free shipping.

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New Product Tuesday with Easy Feet

Easy Feet Foot SpaOMG, this is amazing. Washing my feet in the shower is so difficult. I have to actually bend my knee to reach my foot. It’s such a hassle. I just don’t bother most of the time. Now I have Easy Feet, the plastic foot scrubber you attach to your tub or shower. It washes both sides of my foot at the same time, and even has a pumice stone to smooth my cracked heels. Like the commercial says, Easy Feet is “like a car wash for your feet.” Because my feet are like cars, except they don’t use gas, or have license plates. And I don’t park them outside. You can’t live in them if you’re homeless. And they don’t have any trade-in value.