Perfect Pie Cutter

Perfect Pie Cutter

Perfect Pie Cutter

Cut perfect pie slices every time with Perfect Pie Cutter. Tired of baking the perfect pie, then having it crumble when you serve it? Want to serve the same perfect pies slice you get when dining out? Now, you can own and use at home the same secret kitchen tool used by hundreds of top restaurants across the country – the Perfect Pie Cutter.

Just push down on the Perfect Pie Cutter, and the angled blades cut your pie into perfect slices. No more crumbling slices or uneven cuts. With the Perfect Pie Cutter, you get perfect slices every time, just like fancy restaurants, in your own home.

Tired of leftover pie running and drying up? Not any more. Leave the Perfect Pie Cutter in your pie, and the blade seals the edges to keep your pie fresh.

Tired of covering your pie, then having the top come off when you remove the wrap? Never again. Just place the plastic wrap over the Perfect Pie Cutter and it won’t touch the topping and ruin your pie.

The Perfect Pie Cutter is durable and dishwasher-safe. Perfect for holidays or any special occasion.

Offer includes a matching pie spatula.

Tired of your spatula being the wrong size? The Perfect Pie Cutter comes with a specially-designed spatula that fits perfectly between the blades so you can serve perfect slices every time.

Bonus 8 piece Perfect Pie Cutter.

When you place your online order, you can add the free bonus 8 piece Perfect Pie Cutter (just pay small processing fee). Cut your pie into smaller pieces for the calorie-conscious or if you have extra guests.

Any way you slice it, this is a great offer.

You get it all. 6 piece Perfect Pie Cutter, matching spatula and 8 piece Perfect Pie Cutter. This offer is not available in stores, so order now.

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