PC Matic - Windows XP

PC Matic – Windows XP

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PC Matic – Windows XP

In 2014, Microsoft abandons Windows XP, including security and vulnerability patches. Rob Cheng, CEO and founder of PC Matic, wants to help. Over 20% of Windows computers are still running XP, and Microsoft provides two options for current XP users.

  1. Upgrade to Windows 8
  2. Buy a new computer with Windows 8

Guess what, Microsoft? Not everyone wants Windows 8. By abandoning XP, Microsoft is using fear to sell Windows 8. But there is another option.

Keep Windows XP, and stay secure.

PC Matic keeps all versions of Windows running great, including Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. More importantly, PC Matic keeps your PC secure from today’s online threats.
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For a small annual fee, PC Matic provides superior protection from modern viruses that others don’t detect. PC Matic also blocks annoying adware that hijacks online shopping. PC Matic also closes security holes in software like Java and Flash.

Don’t be afraid – get PC Matic. Remember, PC Matic keeps all versions of Windows, including XP, running optimally, even after years of use.

$49.99 PER YEAR


4 thoughts on “PC Matic – Windows XP

  1. I have one xp computer and love it. Is your xp program just similar to other virus-type programs or are you doing something
    like Microsoft used to do. Feels like I am missing something by it not coming from Microsoft, maybe.

    1. Walter, we’re not the PC Matic company. Our site just plays the video, so we can’t answer specific questions about PC Matic. However, we do know that Microsoft is no longer issuing updates for XP, so you do need to protect yourself. PC Matic claims to go beyond what other antivirus program do to protect your XP computer. You can try it with a money-back guarantee.

  2. If I install PC Matic do I need to uninstall other virus and internet protection software?
    I only have 1 computer that is still running WinXP, do you sell a single user licence? If so do you have it on CD/DVD?

    Thank you

    1. Glen, you do need to uninstall other virus and internet protection software if you install PC Matic. The price covers up to 5 computers. It’s a downloadable product.

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