PC Matic - Smash

PC Matic – Smash Your Computer

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PC Matic – Smash Your Computer

Frustrated with your computer because it’s too slow? Is it freezing a lot? Riddled with viruses? In this commercial, Rob Cheng, CEO and founder of PC Matic, does what you’ve always wanted to do – smash that f***ed  up desktop or laptop computer with a baseball bat.

Don’t smash your PC.

Introducing PC Matic. Buying a new computer is expensive, and it’s time consuming to transfer files and reinstall programs. You can call a local tech guy, but that’s expensive too. PC Matic gets your computers running like new, and keeps them that way.
PC Matic FREE Scan PC Matic prevents freezing and blue screens. It’s the most comprehensive security, and blocks modern viruses and annoying adware that hijacks online shopping. PC Matic closes security holes in software like Java and Flash.

PC Matic is affordable and easy to use.

Get PC Matic comprehensive protection for only $50 per year for up to 5 computers. PC Matic has a 30 day money-back guarantee. Lose your frustration and get PC Matic. Try before you buy – the download is free.




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