PC Matic presents Ransomware Millionaire featuring Ivan Petrov

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PC Matic presents Ransomware Millionaire featuring Ivan Petrov

“I have one enemy. PC Matic’s whitelist antivirus.” This brilliant new TV commercial features fictional Russian hacker Ivan Petrov. Ivan has made a fortune from American individuals, schools and businesses. How? By installing malicious ransomware on vulnerable Windows PCs. Instead of trotting out charisma-free CEO Rob Cheng, PC Matic is again using professional actors to create a attention-grabbing spot that really drives home the benefits of its flagship computer security software.

PC Matic is the only American-made antivirus product.

You may think your PC is safe, but many viruses may pass right through. Really, would you trust an antivirus product made in Russia to protect your valuable data? 75% of ransomware is tied to Russia. PC Matic had 100% virus and ransomware detection in the most recent AV Comparatives detection test. Blacklist antivirus products only stop threats already in their database. PC Matic’s whitelist allows only trusted applications to run.

PC Matic 100% Virus Detection

$50 for up to 5 computers per year. $150 for up to 5 computers for the rest of your life.

PC Matic is all you’ll ever need. It’s the best Windows security protection available, free or otherwise. Plus, it keeps your computer running like a fine-tuned machine for years to come. You can download PC Matic for free and try before you buy. Supports Microsoft Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP.

$50 per year (lifetime license for up to 5 computers only $150)


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