New PC Matic Commercial with Randy White, New Lifetime Protection Plan

In this new TV spot, PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng turns over pitchman duty to legendary NFL Super Bowl MVP Randy White. The former Dallas Cowboys defensive tackle retired from football over 25 years ago. Americans under 40 don’t know him. That means customers for PC anti-virus/security software must be mostly boomers and seniors. Seems about right, since younger people do most of their computing on smartphones, tablets and MacBooks, not Windows laptops and desktops. I must admit Randy does a great job, bringing a lot of enthusiasm to this pitch. First, he covers PC Matic basics—

  • PC Matic is all you’ll ever need to protect and optimize your Windows PC.
  • It’s the best defense against online threats.
  • PC Matic smashed the record books for virus detection in a recent competition.
  • It performs scheduled maintenance that optimizes your computer and extends its useful life.
  • Made and supported in the USA.

OK, we know all that. But here’s the kicker. You can still protect 5 PCs for $50 a year. But now, pay only $150 to protect 5 computers for the rest of your life (or as long as there still are PCs and PC Matic). All updates included and no annual renewals for one low price. You’ll never need to purchase another PC security or maintenance product ever.

“In today’s Internet-connected world, you need the best defense against online threats.” – Randy White

Get the details at For the $150 lifetime deal, choose EverGreen instead of 1 year subscription.

Update: Here’s the second TV spot with Randy White, if you haven’t seen it yet:

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