PC Matic - Name That Antivirus

PC Matic – Name That Antivirus

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PC Matic – Name That Antivirus

Let’s play Name That Antivirus.

  • What antivirus introduced next generation cyber security?
  • Fileless infections and scripting attacks are new ways to deploy ransomware. What antivirus stops it?
  • What antivirus has the highest detection rate in the history of the Virus Bulletin RAP test?
  • Which antivirus detected 100% of the viruses and 100% of the ransomware on the latest AV Comparatives test?
  • Which antivirus stops ransomware, spyware and adware?
  • Which antivirus uses a whitelist to block unknown programs?
  • Which antivirus makes computers run faster, not slower?
  • Which antivirus includes security awareness training?
  • Which antivirus is made in the United States of America?

The answer to all these questions is PC Matic 3.0.

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