PC Matic is Proud to Be 100% American

PC Matic - All American

PC Matic CEO Rob Cheng wants you to know that his Windows antivirus software is completely developed and supported in the USA, while other PC security software is developed in foreign countries — the same countries where dangerous malware and ransomware is created. Here are transcripts of the two new PC Matic TV spots:

“We develop the best and most comprehensive security software right here in the USA. PC Matic’s whitelist ,which blocks ransomware, adware, and virtually any other virus, was invented and made right here in the USA.

“All our competition does their research and development in foreign countries, many of where the viruses are originating. The respected Virus Bulletin RAP test proved PC Matic’s superiority when we blew away 33 other security products, and sales have exploded.

“We want every American home and business to be completely safe from these foreign threats. Buy a product that’s made and developed right here in the USA. We do our malware research right here in the USA. Our support is responsive and friendly, and it’s done right here in the USA.

“PC Matic costs $50 for 5 computers for one year, or less than $1 per computer per month for enterprise and government agencies. Go to PCMatic. com.”

“Since winning 1st place in virus detections in the prestigious VB 100 RAP test, our sales have exploded. To support our growth, we are hiring Americans. Only PC Matic develops in the U.S. Only PC Matic researches malware in the U.S.

“Our support is 100% American, and as we grow, I promise that we will only hire Americans. We want your personal and business computers to be completely secure and running optimally.

“Thank you for trusting PC Matic for you and your business’s security and maintenance needs.”

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