PC Matic Fights Ransomware – and it’s American Made

PC Matic Fights Ransomware

The F.B.I. says that ransomware is a clear and present danger to individuals, companies and the USA. Ransomware originates in Russia. This malicious intruder bypasses traditional security and antivirus software. It infects your computer, encrypts your most valuable files, then demands a ransom to get them back.

After you’ve been infected by ransomware, it’s impossible to retrieve your files and restore normal computer operation without paying the ransom. And according the F.B.I., the ransom demanded by these cyber criminals can range from $200 to as much as $5000.

No software currently available can remove ransomware once your computer has been infected. It needs to be stopped before your files are kidnapped and held for ransom. American-made PC Matic is the only Windows security software that protects your PC with a whitelist that only allows trusted applications to run.

PC Matic is only $50 for 5 computers for one year. That’s less than $1 per computer per month. Or choose lifetime protection and protect up to 5 computers for the rest of your life for only $150. Your current security software is foreign made and obsolete. Protect yourself today with PC Matic.

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