PC Matic Changes Advertising Strategy

After years of TV commercials featuring attractive young women getting their virus-plagued computers tuned up with help from dads, customers or tech guys, PC Matic is changing their advertising strategy. The new PC Matic commercials all feature founder and CEO Rob Cheng.

The old PC Matic commercials focused on the free download, and didn’t mention that you have to pay to actually fix your computer and keep it secure. Of course, this is something you’d expect with commercial antivirus software. In the new TV spots, Mr. Cheng is upfront and clear that you need to pay $50 a year to protect up to 5 PCs. He may not be the most charismatic personality on TV, but does a good job of explaining why PC Matic’s tech is superior to its competitors. And for all of you clinging for dear life to your old desktops and laptops with Windows XP, he promises to keep you safe even after Microsoft stops releasing XP patches and updates.

While we enjoy seeing Mr. Cheng smash computers with a baseball bat, we’ll miss the old PC Matic commercials. They’re like short plays, where the actors occasionally break the fourth wall and mug directly into the camera when they mention PCMatic.com. And we’re still kind of in love with the flower shop girl, even if she doesn’t seem overly bright.

Here’s where to download and purchase PC Matic.

8 thoughts on “PC Matic Changes Advertising Strategy

  1. I think another thing that people may obviously be missing is that this is a startup company and they probably don’t have a lot of money to pay factors to do these commercials. Which means they can keep the cost of the product low.

  2. The commercial with you playing and that awful singer is so irritating I can’t stand.I wouldn’t buy it Take it off.

  3. What struck me as curious about the commercial was not the pitch. Why does Cheng drag his totally awkward family into the commercial? Was he holding the family dog or grandma hostage? The little girl needs to go back to her room and upgrade her server.

  4. The commercials are so bad that I had to see what this product is all about. I mean they don’t try at all in the commercial while maintaining this is the best product on the market. Brilliant!

  5. I actually think they’re very powerful. I mean, how often do you look up an ad to see what’s written about it? Which is what i just did, for the first time in a year.

    This strikes me as the utlimate nerd ad (“I know, let’s have one with everybody in the firm getting a line!”). It’s the fame they could never get in high school.

    And it’s so nerdy, and oibvioysly product based, that i believe it.

  6. I’m no fashion maven but your current PC Matic commercials, wherein several people attest to how good the product is, in my opinion, is terrible. Did they all share the same crappy looking shirt? The only shirts that appear to fit properly at all are those on the females. I know you’re selling security software and not shirts, but IMO, it hurts your efforts to have sloppely dressed spokes people. For what its worth!

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