Pastifina by Chef Tony

Pastifina by Chef Tony

Pastafina is the new vertical way to make great pasta in as little as 3 minutes. Simply add your pasta, pour in boiling water, and snap on the strainer lid. In no time, Pastafina cooks your pasta to perfection right before your eyes.

The secret is the unique vertical design.

Pastafina’s unique vertical design surrounds the pasta and uses thermal control to maintain the idea temperature for perfect pasta. When it’s ready, just pop the top and drain. No lumps or clumps.

“Cook spaghetti, rigitoni, ravioli, macaroni – even tortellini – in as little as 3 minutes and without the mess.” — Chef Tony

Great for veggies too.

But pasta’s just the start. If you like veggies, Pastafina makes them fast and fresh. Peas, carrots, aspargus, or a mixed vegetables medley. Ordinary cooking boils away flavor and nutrients. but not the Pastafina way. Pastafina veggies are bright, brilliant, and bursting with flavor.

You can even cook veggies and pasta at the same time. Even cook macaroni and sliced hot dogs together, add cheese, then toss for mac and cheese that’s sure to please. For cleanup, it’s just a quick rinse or rack it in the dishwasher.

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