Safe & Healthy UV-C Light

Safe & Healthy UV-C Sanitizing Light

Safe & Healthy UV-C Sanitizing Light

Safe & Healthy is the powerful UV-C disinfecting light proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on virtually any surface. Just wave the wand and germs are gone. Works on hundreds of surfaces we touch every day — including cellphones, tablets, computer keyboards, face masks — sanitize almost everything you touch in just seconds.

Now you can wave away viruses in your kitchen, and blast away bacteria in your bathroom. Watch the video to see what happens when Safe & Healthy treats a petri dish loaded with bacteria. You’ll clearly see that the germs are gone.

Advanced UV-C Light Technology destroys germs, viruses and bacteria.

The secret is UV-C light technology that destroys germs, viruses and bacteria on a cellular level in seconds. No more smelly chemical sprays or expensive single use wipes. Plus, Safe & Healthy cleans things you wouldn’t never wipe or spray with chemicals, including baby bottles and pacifiers.

Protect yourself when on the go.

Safe & Healthy is inspired by high frequency UV-C light technology used in hospitals, proven to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. It even sanitizes your favorite fabrics, like bedding and pillows.

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