Copper Fit ICE Compression Knee Sleeve

When knee pain stops you in your tracks, and you need relief to keep you moving, introducing Copper Fit Ice. It’s the world’s first compression sleeve to include the cooling sensation of menthol, and the energizing properties of CoQ10. The micro-encapsulated ingredients are infused into the compression fabric, and are motion-activated — released and absorbed by your movement.

All day comfort and relief.

The more you move, the more Copper Fit Ice delivers. It’s Copper Fit’s most advanced compression sleeve yet, in a breathable circular knit with more support — for all day comfort, and fast recovery and relief of sore muscles and achy joints.

Free shipping when you order today.

The cooling sensation of menthol, and the energizing properties of CoQ10, activated by motion to keep you in motion. Copper Fit Ice is the most comfortable, seamless compression sleeve you will ever wear — guaranteed. Order Copper Fit Ice right now and get free shipping.

Sun Joe SPX3000 XSTREAM Electric Pressure Washer

The Sun Joe SPX3000 XSTREAM, the #1 selling electric pressure washer, is now even better and more powerful, combining gas-like power with the ease and convenience of electric. Think of all the ways you can use a pressure washer around your home, like cleaning your walk, deck, driveway, your home, your vehicles. How about outdoor furniture, tools, play equipment,. Whatever needs cleaning, you name it and you aim it, and the grime is gone.

The toughest jobs, made easy.

Get your dirtiest jobs done with maximum pressure of 2200 PSI, and maximum flow of 1.65 gallons per minute. The toughest cleaning jobs are as easy as point and spray. Get the Sun Joe XSTREAM with detergent foam cannon, four quick connect spray tips, 20 foot reinforced high pressure hose, 35 foot power cord with GFCI protection, stainless steel power lance with solid brass fittings, plus Sun Joe’s rock-solid 2 year warranty.

Free accessories and extended warranty.

But it gets better. Order now and get these hardworking accessories free — a wheel and rim brush to bring out the sparkle like never before, and a handy utility bristle brush for gentle scrubbing action — ideal for cleaning patio surfaces, cars, boats, grills, windows and more. Plus get an free upgrade to a 3 year warranty, and free shipping.

Comfy Corset Bra

Introducing the Comfy Corset Bra. Finding the perfect bra can seem impossible. Pinching and tight here, sagging and loose there. It’s so uncomfortable to wear. And back fat from your straps — who needs that? That’s why you’re going to love the Comfy Corset Bra. It’s comfy as a cami, but sexy as a corset.

Finally, there’s a bra that does it all.

The secret is the revolutionary front cross band design. Just pull across to adjust the bands over and under. Comfy Corset compliments your curves under any outfit. It lifts in all the right places and supports you all day long. And with no underwire tags or seams, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Comfortable. Customizable. Flattering. Sexy.

It’s the perfect combination of a figure-flattering push-up bra and a super-comfortable bralet. And you can customize the shape to your breast shape and size, even it that’s different from right to left. And you can say goodbye to embarrassing back fat, because Comfy Corset beautifully takes care of that.

You can even customize this bra to your outfit. Select a sporty fit for under a t-shirt or blouse, or a sexy fit for wearing under a little black dress. Comfy Corset Bra doesn’t constrict or squeeze, but still enhances your cleavage. Beautiful lace trim adds that sexy secret.

Order now at a special TV discount price.

Order Comfy Corset Bra 3-Pack at the special TV discount price of only $59.99.  Additional 3-Packs are only $29.99 each. Available in sizes from small to 2X, and comes with a Perfect Fit Guarantee. If it’s not most comfortable bra you’ve ever worn, return it for a full refund of the purchase price.


HydroClean Hand Sanitizer Gel and Face Mask Offer

Introducing HydroClean Hand Sanitizer Gel by HandVana, based right here in the USA. HandVana starts with an ingredient from an FDA-registered facility that kills 99.9% of germs, so trusted it’s used as surgical prep in hospitals. Then they add three powerful hydrating ingredients: 100% pure coconut oil, soothing aloe vera & hyaluronic acid, found in expensive skincare products. HandVana is the only sanitizer with this extraordinary combination.

Kills 99.9% of germs. 100% odor-free.

Here’s the best part. Most hand sanitizers have a very strong odor. HydroClean is 100% odor free. So velvety smooth, it easily spreads over your entire hand and fingers for total coverage. You’ll absolutely love the way your hands look and feel.

Giant 1 pound bottle only $19.99.

HydroClean is synthesized in the USA in an FDA-registered facility. Other hand sanitizers come in tiny bottles. Order HydroClean now and get a giant 1 pound bottle for just $19.99 plus $6.99 S&H. Order in quantity for an even lower price with FREE shipping.

Add 10 premium face masks for only $9.99.

Plus, you can get a 10 pack of Air Police 4 premium non-medical face masks for only $9.99 with your order. These masks feature four-layers of protection and a customizable nose piece for a secure fit. This offer is not available on Amazon. Order now for guaranteed delivery.

Handvana Hydroclean Hand Sanitizer

Introducing Hydroclean Hand Sanitizer by Handvana, based in the USA. Handvana started with a ingredient from an FDA-registered facility that kills 99.9% of germs, so trusted it’s used for surgical prep in hospitals. Then they added 3 powerful hydrating ingredients: 100% pure coconut oil, soothing aloe vera, and hyaluronic acid — found in the world’s most expensive skin care stores.

Handvana is the only hand sanitizer with this extraordinary combination. Here’s the best part. People only apply hand sanitizer to their palms. Hydroclean is an amazing foam, so you can easily spread it around your entire hand, even between your fingers, for complete coverage.

“Hydroclean uses the same active ingredient as found in hospital pre-op care, but it’s the added moisturizers that make it my recommendation.”
— Dr. Howard Riker, DO

Schools, hospitals, restaurants, your car, work — anywhere you go — Handvana is there for you and your family. Hydroclean is synthesized in the USA in a FDA-registered facility. No need to go to a crowded store, because Handvana will be delivered right to your door. Order a multi-pack and get special pricing with free shipping. Order Handvana Hydroclean Hand Sanitizer today! This offer is not available on Amazon, and supplies are limited.

BRIOTECH Topical Skin Spray with HOCl

Introducing Briotech Topical Skin Spray, an all-natural topical spray — electrically charged to support your skin against, irritations, inflammation and more. The gentle mist from this safe and easy to use spray enhances your skin’s natural  defenses and healing responses. It actually mimics the essence of human healing. Briotech Skin Spray fits right in to your daily skin care routine.

The secret is Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl).

HOCl is a molecule that your body uses to fight infection and to promote healing. It’s the same molecule used by your cat or dog, and by every fish, bird and insect. It’s been around for hundreds of millions of years. It’s 100 times more potent than bleach, but safe enough to spray in your eye, or breath as a fog. It’s also known a Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl).

Hypochlorous has been used in the medical field for many years, across a wide range of treatments and therapies. In fact, it’s the only anti-microbial where the exact same product is EPA-approved as a hospital disinfectant, and FDA-approved to treat wounds or burns. This remarkable solution actually does both.

Completely safe, with amazing results.

This amazing spray is safe for use on humans or animals. Visit the Briotech Skin Spray website to see amazing results and learn more. It’s all-natural, vegan, organic eco-safe, oil-free,  alcohol-free, additive-free, fragrance-free, non-irritating, and 100% pure. Your skin will love it!

Clean Zone Face Masks

Clean Zone has sourced a large number of non-medical masks, and they are ready to ship so you can get them fast. Clean Zone Face Masks are lightweight and are made with a triple layer filtration fabric. They filter out dust, bacteria, pollen and protect against fluids. These masks come with a moldable nose piece for a secure fit.

The full face size covers the chin for ultimate protection. The flexible ear loops provide universal fit for easy breathing. And you can wear your glasses fog-free and comfortably. There’s nothing else like it.

It’s recommended you wear a non-medical mask during your daily activities, so you can protect yourself and others. Get a set of 10 Clean Zone Face Masks for only $29.99. They ship from the USA, and your shipping is free. Plus, Clean Zone will donate a percentage of Clean Zone Masks to the Have a Heart Foundation for distribution to healthcare workers.

Alien Tape As Seen on TV

Finally, there’s Alien Tape — a revolutionary new nano-grip technology tape that doesn’t use adhesives, but is strong enough to hold an incredible 17.5 pounds on most surfaces. This incredible new advanced-grip technology tape instantly locks anything in place without screws or anchors. And Alien Tape is reusable. Remove it, rinse it, use it again, and it’s just as strong.

Locks in place when you need it. Comes off cleanly when you’re done.

Alien Tape holds stuff in place. It locks right down, instantly. Keeps things secure until you’re done. Just give it a twist and it comes right off,  because it doesn’t use adhesive. But on drywall, it’s a permanent alternative to nails. No need to drill into cabinets. Alien Tape will stay in place until you decide to take it off.

Perfect for glass. Use it to hang heavy towels, and it stays in place. When you’re done, remove it with no residue. Alien Tape defies gravity, even when it’s wet. It grips to most surfaces instantly. Hang heavy pictures on stone in a flash. Use it outdoors with screws or permanent holes.

Buy today and get 2 rolls free.

Alien Tape is the reusable double-sided tape you’ll use everywhere. Stops furniture from sliding and won’t damage floors. Keeps carpets in place. Use it in the car to keep your phone from sliding around. Order Alien Tape today.

INSTYLER 7X Smart Hair Dryer

Introducing the 7X Smart Dryer, the world’s smartest hair dryer, featuring advanced technology like hands-free auto pause. It pauses automatically when you set it down, and starts when you pick it up. The exclusive Infinity Dial Trü Heat Technology, and the 7X Ionic Generator, dry your hair quickly and frizz-free.

The best part? With all of those amazing features, 7X is still lighter than your cell phone. The new 7X Smart Dryer by INSTYLER is the future of hair drying.