Finishing Touch Flawless Dermaplane Glo

Are you dermaplaning yet?  Now you can bring professional-style dermaplaning into your home with Flawless Dermaplane Glo, the new exfoliating device from Finishing Touch. It instantly transforms your skin to a more radiant, younger looking complexion in minutes.

Younger looking skin the first time you use it.

Flawless Dermaplane Glo instantly and painlessly removes the top layer of dry, dead skin, to reveal brighter, smoother, younger looking skin the very first time you use it. “Dermaplaning is the most popular treatment that my clients request,” says licensed esthetician Jules Parle.  “The moment they get it, they are hooked. They can’t get enough. I love the Dermaplane Glo. It’s very user friendly and gives a really radiant, dewy glow to the skin.”

Contour design with professional-grade Japanese steel blade.

It has an easy-to-use contour design, and a professional grade exfoliating edge with safety guard. And just like a professional treatment, it has a built-in LED light so you never miss a spot. It’s gentle on all skin types and tones. Your makeup will never look flawless if it’s sitting on dead skin and peach fuzz. Dermaplane Glo creates a smooth surface for creams and makeup. Your makeup and moisturizer will be easier to apply.

Free replacement heads, plus free shipping.

Transform your skin from dull to radiant and glowing. Order Dermaplane Glo and get a 6-pack of replacement heads free with your order, plus free shipping.

Hoover Cordless Floormate Jet – One-step Vacuuming and Washing

The Hoover® ONEPWR™ Floormate Jet™ is Hoover’s first cordless hard floor cleaner and air rug refresher that vacuums dry messes, scrubs the floor, and suctions up the dirty water — all at the same time. Cleans big messes, dried-on spills, and virtually everything in-between. There’s no sweeping,  no paper towels, no painful hands and knees scrubbing. Save time with one easy-to-use product that does it all. It’s that easy.

Vacuums and washes in one easy step – without a cord.

Best of all, the Hoover Floormate Jet does all this without a cord. Just grab and go. No cords, no plugging in, no replugging. No tangles, or areas you can’t reach because the cord is too short. The Floormate Jet goes everywhere, and because it’s powered by Hoover’s ONEPWR battery, it has all the power you need to get the job done, plus the unlimited reach of cordless.

Easy clean-up. Swappable rechargeable battery.

Traditional cleaners are a hassle to clean up once you’re done, but thanks to the Floormate’s rinse and storage tray, it’s like new after every use. Other products with built-in batteries can leave you stranded in the middle of the job. You have to wait hours for it to recharge. It’s so frustrating. But the Hoover ONEPWR battery is removable. Just swap it out, and you’re on your way with no delay. Save time, save hassle, and get the job done.

HD Mirror Cam – Rear View Mirror Dash Cam

HD Mirror Cam is the incredible new dash cam built right into your rear view mirror. Its unique design instantly attaches in seconds and automatically records audio and video for everything that happens for as long as your trip lasts. Other window mount dash cams can obstruct your view or become detached and give you a ticket. But HD Mirror Cam’s built-in video screen won’t obstruct your view or detach, even during an accident.

HD Mirror Cam protects you by recording everything it sees, day and night.

There’s a screen off so that you can turn off the video screen and still keep recording. The adjustable swivel lens points in any direction, so you can turn it around to capture all those special moments inside the car. The 120º view wide angle lens captures crystal clear video and automatically adjusts from dark shadows to bright sunlight, so your video looks great even at night.

Premium features at an economy price.

You can review your video immediately right from the unit, or download it to your computer with the included flash drive to easily share and save. HD Mirror Cam comes loaded with high end features including motion detection, one-touch picture mode to instantly take a still photo at the press of a button, image stabilization, optional time and date stamp, and screen off mode (even while still recording). Plus, there’s anti-glare dimming and automatic startup upon ignition with the included car charger.

The built-in SD card slot allows for up to 14 hours of recording time, with the option to set the video for endless loop recording. HD Mirror Cam works in any car, and is so thin and discreet that no one will even know it’s there.

20 Minute White Smile

20 Minute White Smile is for everyone, because today everyone whitens their teeth. White teeth are a tremendous asset to have, but you can’t get a white smile from just brushing and flossing. You have to whiten teeth from the inside out, like treatments you can get from a dentist. But now, you can get the same results with 20 Minute White Smile.

Dentist quality whitening at home.

Forget those painful, expensive hours in the dentist’s office. Just put in fresh gel, insert the sure-fit tray, and click the button. That’s it. The professional dual blue LEDs activate the gel or both lower and upper teeth, front and back, 180º. And the built-in time automatically turns it off when you’re done. Do it three times in one month, and that’s it — for results that are good, better, best.

Plugs into your phone so you can use it anywhere.

20 Minute White Smile is the safe, yet strong way to whiten teeth from the inside out. You can use it in the comfort of your own home, or anywhere, because it plugs right into your phone.

PediVac Motorized Callus Remover

Erase stubborn foot calluses with virtually no cleanup with PediVac by PedEgg. It’s the ingenious motorized callus remover with built-in vacuum. Now you can remove nasty calluses anywhere, anytime, because all the shavings are sucked right up into the collection chamber. The gentle nano abrasion head spins at over 2,000 RPM for fast, clean results.

The mess-free pedicure you can do anywhere.

PediVac’s secret is the DermaVac technology that quickly removes calluses in seconds while simultaneously sucking up the powder, shavings and dust. It’s a mess-free pedicure you can do anywhere. Embarrassing bumps at the office? Smooth them out with PediVac. Use it in the car for quick touch-ups anywhere. Works for hand calluses too!

Free upgrade. TV Double Offer.

Order PediVac today and get a free upgrade to the rechargeable edition absolutely free, so you never need to worry about buying batteries again. But that’s not all. You can also take advantage of the limited-time Double Offer, plus get Miracle Foot Repair Cream for baby soft feet after you use the PediVac. Just pay a separate fee.

Roach Doctor – Cockroach Gel to Rid Your Home of Roaches for Good

Stop the creepy cockroach nightmare with Roach Doctor, the amazing roach bait that kills and rids your home of nasty roaches. Just a couple of dabs of the Roach Doctor roach attracting formula does the trick. Simply place in the crevices roaches love to inhabit and hide, then turn out the lights. Watch as Roach Doctor lures roaches in like metal to a magnet.

Wipe out nasty roaches with Roach Doctor.

When roaches return to their hiding place after snacking on Roach Doctor, this roach killing formula can wipe them out, helping you solve your roach problem. Roaches can’t wait to taste this bait, and most are dead soon after tasting it. Perfect for killing roaches at home or office, inside or out. Order Roach Doctor now and take advantage of this special TV Double Offer.

Grown American Superfood

Introducing Grown American Superfood. Want to supercharge your body and live a longer, healthier life? What if you could have more energy and vitality, manage your weight, look and feel years younger, and even reduce your risk of dying from heart disease and other chronic illnesses?

Do you have enough superfoods in your daily diet?

Study after study has proven that just adding more superfood fruits and vegetables to your diet can help you stay healthy and actually live longer. But it’s a lot of work to buy, chop, prep and cook all those fruits and vegetables, and most of us don’t have the time. That’s why only 10% of people get the recommended serving of superfoods in their daily diet.

Now, getting the power of superfood fruits and veggies has never been easier.

Grown American Superfood is better than juice. It’s organic whole superfood nutrition made simple. Just one scoop is the fast, easy, delicious way to double your servings of fruits and vegetables every day, to help improve your chances of better health and a longer life.

30 whole superfoods in each delicious serving.

Only Grown American Superfood has a full 1 1/2 servings of healthy life-giving fruits and vegetables from a unique blend of over 30 certified organic whole superfoods packed into every delicious scoop.

Organic. Grown in America. Better than fresh.

Grown in America, and USDA certified organic, Grown American Superfood is farm to table fresh in every scoop. It’s better than fresh, and has everything you want in your food, including super leafy greens, super vegetables, super fruits, super sprouts. No added sugars, no fillers, no GMOs and no gluten. Plus, it’s only 25 calories per scoop and so delicious. You and your family will love it. Order Grown American Superfood today.

Arctic Hat — Evaporative Cooling with UV Protection

Arctic Hat is the evaporative cooling hat that keeps you 20º F cooler than the outside temperature, with built-in UV barrier that reflects the sun’s heat and harmful UV rays. Just put it on for instant relief from the sun, or wet the inner liner and get the ultimate cooling relief. You’ll feel 20º F cooler instantly. Your choice of brimmed hat or cap.

Keeps you 20º cooler while protecting you from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

And Arctic Hat will keep you cool for hours. The secret is Hydro-Chill Technology. An evaporative liner holds and gradually releases water for continuous cooling, while the UV barrier blocks over 99% of the sun’s harmful rays, keeping you cool and comfortable all day long.

Like personal AC everywhere you go.

These hats are breathable and lightweight with ventilated panels that allow air to flow freely. Perfect for the beach, or going for a hike — all kinds of outdoor activities. It’s like having a personal air conditioner everywhere you go. Whether you’re out enjoying nature, or working in the yard, Arctic Hat will be your cooling companion.

TV Double Offer for a limited time.

Fully adjustable so one size fits all. Get outside and feel cool and protected. Order Arctic Hat today and take advantage of the limited time TV Double Offer.

Fresh Feet — Foot Scrubber for Shower and Bath

Introducing Fresh Feet, the fastest, easiest way to scrub your feet clean in the shower. No more bending, straining or struggling with awkward brushes. Just attach the powerful suction cups to your shower’s floor and start scrubbing. The secret is an incredible 11,000 bristles combined with an all-natural pumice stone. They work together to clean, refresh and revitalize your feet in just seconds.

Clean, beautiful feet in just seconds.

The center brushes will gently scrub and massage your feet, while the stronger bristles on the outside power away stubborn dirt and dry skin, leaving your feet soft and clean. Fresh Feet even has a pumice stone to exfoliate your skin and treat cracked feet or painful corns. Now your feet can go from cracked and scaly to healthy and beautiful again.

Antimicrobial so it stays clean and fresh.

Fresh Feet is infused with antimicrobial agents that inhibit the growth of mold and mildew, so it’s always clean, fresh, and ready for your feet. And the thick bristles even make it easy to clean between your toes. The contoured design will cradle your feet in comfort like a spa treatment right in your own shower.

Bonus tidy tether rope. TV Double Offer.

It’s ideal for people with diabetes, arthritis, athlete’s foot, and pregnant women. Works great in any bathtub or shower. Stop stumbling and straining just to clean your feet. Comes with a bonus tidy tether rope. Order Fresh Feet today during this special TV Double Offer.