Fresh View Face Shield

Fresh View Face Shield

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Fresh View Face Shield

Medical professionals wear face shields, and now you can too. Introducing Fresh View, the lightweight, transparent face shield that can help protect your eyes, nose and mouth from airborne hazards. The wraparound shape easily fits over glasses, with a convenient anti-fog design so you can always see clearly and breathe easily.

Now, get full facial coverage, so large disgusting droplets won’t directly hit your face. Plus, the front shield is longer than others, so it’s not as easy to rub your eyes and nose. That keeps you more protected.

Lightweight. Comfortable. Fits any size head.

Straps from masks can irritate your ears. Fresh View is lightweight and amazingly comfortable to wear. If features a soft, breathable foam with an adjustable headband that fits any size head. Include Fresh View in your daily routine.

Evidence supports that face shields my be an alternative to other face coverings in certain situations. Do your own research. Decide for yourself, and always follow local requirements. For added protection, use it with a mask. Now, you’ll see better and breathe better with Fresh View. And it’s washable and reusable. Learn more about Fresh View.

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