Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro

When legends like Brett Favre and Jerry Rice come out to play, they wear Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro. Copper Fit’s best selling back support just got better, with new double band adjustable supports for customizable compression when you need it most. The four built-in stabilizing supports are designed to improve posture and help reduce lower back stress and strain.

“It feels to me like the fountain of youth.”
— Jerry Rice

Copper Fit Advanced Back Pro is constructed using a high performance compression fabric, infused with the powerful properties of copper, 360º flexible mobility, and lightweight durable construction. It’s bigger, better and badder than ever. Buy yours now for only $19.99 plus $5.99 S&H.

35º Below Compression Socks – Compression & Warming Socks

35º Below Compression and Warming Socks are the all-in-one solution — aids in better circulation, relieves discomfort from swollen ankles, and helps keep feet warm and cozy. These socks are designed from aerospace fabric technology, blending super soft aluminized threads into a woven, stretchable fabric. It applies constant compression while improving circulation to your foot and lower leg. 35º Below merges the best of comfort, circulation and warmth.

Both compression and warming with these amazing all-in-one socks.

Get the benefits of a compression sock to minimize swelling and discomfort, while your feet stay with stay warm and dry for maximum comfort. It’s comfortable sock science you’ll want to wear every day. According to vascular surgeon Dr. Charles W. Dunn, “Circulation problems can lead to swelling and pain in the legs.  The use of compression socks can help alleviate those symptoms by improving the natural blood flow both into and out of the legs.”

Keep your feet and legs comfortable all day.

If you’re stuck sitting or standing for hours on end, or if you lead an active lifestyle, now you can find relief for your tired, cold feet. 35º Below Compression Socks can help reduce swelling and keep your body’s circulation flowing. Helps keep you going comfortably.

TV Double Offer plus glove liners.

Compression socks can cost as much as $30 for a single pair. For a limited time, get two pairs of 35º Below Compression Socks for $19.95 with Free Shipping. And, you can get a pair of 35º Below Glove Liners for only $5.99. Keeps your hands warm and dry when the weather gets cold.

Robin Williams: Comic Genius 22 DVD Deluxe Box Set

Here’s an truly epic Robin Williams collection, spanning his entire career. Robin Williams: Comic Genius is a 22 DVD collection with all his most memorable stand-up and TV performances — 100 performances in all. This is the ultimate box set for fans for Robin’s frenetic energy and lightning quick wit.

Robin Williams: Comic Genius includes all five HBO stand-up specials, never-before-released shows, his best talk show and late-night appearances, rare previously unseen clips, brand new interviews with close friends and family, 11 uproarious episodes of Mork & Mindy (including the two part pilot episode), James Lipton’s 90 minute interview with Robin from Inside the Actors Studio, a collection of Robin’s USO shows, Hours of bonus features, 2018 HBO documentary, plus “Robin Williams: Uncensored”, a collectible 24 page full color memory book.

Preorder your copy of Robin Williams: Comic Genius 22 DVD Deluxe Box Set. It’s expected to ship the week of November 5, 2018.

Cop Cam Wireless Security Camera

Cop Cam is the wireless security camera smaller than one square inch. You can hide it anywhere, to record anything, any time motion is detected. It shoots in incredible high definition, and include a powerful microphone to record perfect audio. With its hi-tech motion sensor, Cop Cam only records when it needs to. It also loop records, so you can leave it out 24/7. Then simply upload to your computer to share in seconds.

See what’s happening when you’re not around.

Now, you can see what that sneaky nanny’s been up to. Or, see what’s happening to your private stash. Traditional cameras only have a 70º wide view. Cop cam captures twice the area, surveilling your entire property. Now you can send package thieves packing to prison. Or finally catch which neighbor’s not picking up after their pooch.

Free upgrade, free clip and free memory card when you order now.

Traditional security cameras can cost you hundreds. But you can get all that technology in one square inch with the Cop Cam. Order now and you’ll get upgraded to the Cop Cam Elite with six built-in infrared LEDs. When the sun goes down, you’ll still have perfect HD recording of any potential events at night.

You’ll also get a free swivel clip, so you can use your Cop Cam as a dash cam in the car. Or clip it to your shirt, belt or watch band to use as a body cam for ultimate protection. Also great to film action sports for your point of view. Plus you’ll get an 8MB memory card, also free. Order Cop Cam now and you can double the offer.

Battle Visor – Perfect vision for driving

Introducing the Battle Visor. When the sun is blinding, putting down your visor only block your view. That can be dangerous. Battle Visor blocks the harsh glaring sun and keeps you safe on the road. Just pull it down to see the road in crystal clear high definition. From dawn till dusk, the sun won’t distract you from focusing on what’s most important — the safety of you and others.

Perfect vision for safer driving.

The secret is Battle Visor’s Atomic Clarification Technology that blocks blue rays and cuts harsh glare, so you can safely see everything on the road ahead. Things you couldn’t see are now suddenly visible, and that could make the difference between life and death. It works on all vehicles, big or small, and installs in a second. No tools, no fuss. Just perfect vision every time you hit the road. And it’s made in the USA. Built tough to last for years, guaranteed.

BOGO offer. Free Sun Blocker.

Order Battle Visor today during this limited time BOGO offer. Plus, you get the Sun Blocker absolutely free. Just snap it on and slide it over the sun to combat direct sun glare. You’ll get two Battle Visors and two Sun Blockers for only $14.99 plus S&H.

Lizard Cam Micro-Camera

Lizard Cam is the amazing new micro-camera that goes anywhere you can’t see. Just turn it on, and the color screen displays the camera’s view. Then feed it wherever you want — a clogged dryer vent, for example. It easily gets into hard to reach places. The powerful LEDs illuminate the darkest areas behind your walls. Add the hook attachment and retrieve fallen jewelry that’s fallen down the sink, without ever needing a plumber.

100s of uses around the home.

Lizard Cam is even waterproof, perfect to remove hair and debris from clogged tubs and showers. Fix blocked toilets, just like the pros. Add the mirror attachment and search for critter hideouts behind the fridge. Or use magnetic power to grab loose nuts or bolts without any hassle.

Lizard Cam goes anywhere you can’t see.

The magic is powered by a micro camera with serpentine tubing that allows Lizard Cam to bend and curve into any space. Search for termite damage, inspect the fireplace, or find where those bugs are coming from once and for all. Lizard Cam performs hundreds of different jobs, and pays for itself the first time you use it.

TV Double Offer

Other inspection cameras can cost $200, but you can get Lizard Cam for only $39.99, with FREE shipping, including the hook, mirror and magnet tip, and storage pouch. Pay a separate fee, and you can get a complete second set plus the Atomic Beam Flashlight, the super bright tactical flashlight that lights up an entire room and can take a beating. Find out about the Deluxe Offer with 6 foot cable when you order.

The Best of the Andy Williams Show DVD Collection from Time Life

Andy Williams sang the songs we knew by heart. If you’re a fan, you need to own The Best of The Andy Williams Show DVD Collection from Time Life. 31 award-winning episodes on 10 DVDs. This collection is the best of the best of this classic variety show. Andy’s guests include top performers in every category — comedy, TV, movies, music and theater.

This is The Andy Williams Show collection you’ve been waiting for.

  • 31 complete episodes of The Andy Williams Show
  • A DVD collection of Andy’s favorite Christmas songs, including White Christmas, Silent Night and Jingle Bells, all from Andy’s famous Christmas specials.
  • A free bonus DVD devoted to duets with legendary artists including Julie Andrews, Ray Charles, Roger Miller, Lena Horne, Johnny Mathis, and others.

Order The Best of the Andy Williams Show. Deluxe edition available.

The Best of the Three Stooges DVD Collection from Time Life

The Best of the Three Stooges is a new DVD collection from Time Life. The Three Stooges (Moe, Larry, and Curly) have entertained kids of all ages for generations. We’ve laughed ’til we cried at the eye-popping, gut-busting, hilarious hi-jinks of the ultimate masters of mayhem. And they’re just as funny today.

The best Three Stooges collection ever assembled.

Now, for the first time ever, Time Life has painstakingly collected all the biggest laughs into one beautifully restored slaptastic collection. And it’s only available from Time Life. Over 45 hours of content on 13 DVDs — shorts, feature films and cartoons. Includes Free Memory Book, 2 Bonus DVDs, and Free Shipping.

Deluxe Edition available.

Order The Best of the Three Stooges from Time Life. if you’re a super fan, you can upgrade to the Deluxe Edition with 13 additional DVDs with even more shorts, films and cartoons.

Ideal Conceal

Ideal Conceal is the best-kept model secret. Do cellulite, veins, stretch marks, age spots, dull and uneven skin, or being too pale make you feel less confident showing your skin? Ideal Conceal is the waterproof and transfer proof solution for instant body perfection. Gives you instant coverage and color with no mess. Won’t come off until you want it off. Won’t get on your clothes. Instant perfection no matter what you wear.

Ideal Conceal is Illuminating. Lightweight. Transfer Proof. Waterproof. Conceals imperfections.

Say no to hose, because Ideal Conceal Instant Body Enhancer has got you covered — even tattoos. Skin is always in style. Let Ideal Conceal help you look and feel beautiful so you can confidently dare to go bare. Comes in two shades to match all skin types. 100% money-back guarantee. Get the details on the special Double Offer with Free Shipping.