Fresh View Face Shield

Medical professionals wear face shields, and now you can too. Introducing Fresh View, the lightweight, transparent face shield that can help protect your eyes, nose and mouth from airborne hazards. The wraparound shape easily fits over glasses, with a convenient anti-fog design so you can always see clearly and breathe easily.

Now, get full facial coverage, so large disgusting droplets won’t directly hit your face. Plus, the front shield is longer than others, so it’s not as easy to rub your eyes and nose. That keeps you more protected.

Lightweight. Comfortable. Fits any size head.

Straps from masks can irritate your ears. Fresh View is lightweight and amazingly comfortable to wear. If features a soft, breathable foam with an adjustable headband that fits any size head. Include Fresh View in your daily routine.

Evidence supports that face shields my be an alternative to other face coverings in certain situations. Do your own research. Decide for yourself, and always follow local requirements. For added protection, use it with a mask. Now, you’ll see better and breathe better with Fresh View. And it’s washable and reusable. Learn more about Fresh View.

Safe & Healthy UV-C Sanitizing Light

Safe & Healthy is the powerful UV-C disinfecting light proven to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria on virtually any surface. Just wave the wand and germs are gone. Works on hundreds of surfaces we touch every day — including cellphones, tablets, computer keyboards, face masks — sanitize almost everything you touch in just seconds.

Now you can wave away viruses in your kitchen, and blast away bacteria in your bathroom. Watch the video to see what happens when Safe & Healthy treats a petri dish loaded with bacteria. You’ll clearly see that the germs are gone.

Advanced UV-C Light Technology destroys germs, viruses and bacteria.

The secret is UV-C light technology that destroys germs, viruses and bacteria on a cellular level in seconds. No more smelly chemical sprays or expensive single use wipes. Plus, Safe & Healthy cleans things you wouldn’t never wipe or spray with chemicals, including baby bottles and pacifiers.

Protect yourself when on the go.

Safe & Healthy is inspired by high frequency UV-C light technology used in hospitals, proven to kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria. It even sanitizes your favorite fabrics, like bedding and pillows.

Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector

Introducing Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector, an ultra lightweight, full-fingered compression glove, designed to put a protective layer between your skin and the dirt and germs you touch every day. It’s copper-infused compression that fits like a second skin, and reduces odor causing bacteria — Copper Fit’s most advanced compression fabric.

Full range of motion. Works with touch screens.

Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector has Sure Grip silicone bands in the palm and fingers to help provide a strong, non-slip grip for more power, control and agility. Washable and reusable, so you’re never without peace of mind.  And the breathable, moisture-wicking fabric keeps your hands cool, comfortable and dry all day. Built-in touch screen smart technology fingertips for full functionality on your devices.

Don’t settle for ordinary. Buy Copper Fit GuardWell Hand Protector, from the brand you trust. Put a layer between you and the dirt you can see, and the germs you can’t.

Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protector

These days, face coverings are essential, and even required in certain environments. Now there’s Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protector — Copper Fit’s most advanced and durable copper-infused fabric, woven into the ultimate full face protector. It has a Sure-fit non-slip design, for all day comfort and to give you peace of mind in today’s uncertain world.

GuardWell has easy-to-breathe, thermal-regulated fabric with Smart Technology to keep you comfortable and cool. It’s lightweight, moisture-wicking, and fast-drying with UPF30 face protection against harsh elements.

Reusable. Just wash with soap and water.

Unlike disposable face masks, you can wash GuardWell with soap and water to give you the clean face protection you need. Designed with Smart Technology fabric, reinforced stitching and stay dry wicking absorption. It’s built to last, and copper-infused to kill unwanted odor-causing bacteria. A stylish and easy-to-breathe and sure fit garment.

Get yours while supplies last.

Coper Fit GuardWell is the most comfortable, breathable, and built-to-last face protector you will ever wear. Demand is very high and supplies are limited. Don’t wait. Order your Copper Fit GuardWell Face Protector now.

SupplyAID Survival Kit — Essential PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

SupplyAid is the premier outlet for all your cleaning and sanitizing needs. Now, you can purchase their most popular PPE supplies in one essential kit:

  • Protective KN95 Face Mask (5 count)
    • SupplyAID’s KN95 5-ply foldable mask is suitable as daily travel protection.
  • 80% Alcohol Hand Sanitizer Gel – 16 oz
    • SupplyAID formula contains 80% ethyl alcohol, over 10% more than many popular brands. Instantly reduces up to 99.9% of germs on hands. Dries fast without stickiness.
  • Disposable Nitrile Gloves – 100 count (Large)
    • Protect your hands with Disposable Nitrile Gloves from SupplyAID. These gloves are 100% latex-free and powder-free.
  • Protective Safety Glasses with Adjustable Frame
    • These protective safety glasses are comfortable and lightweight. Size adjustable for a comfortable fit.

Battery Daddy Storage System

The Battery Daddy Storage System is the new compact and portable way to organize, store and protect all your batteries. Battery Daddy uses both sides of the case to store all type of different batteries, even coin size. The unique design groups them for easy selection. You could even find the battery you’re looking for while wearing a blindfold.

Best of all,  it stores 180 batteries in a see-through case that’s about the size of a laptop. Fits easily in a cabinet, drawer or on a shelf. Forget flimsy bags or messy containers, when Battery Daddy keeps your batteries organized — guaranteed.

The carrying handle lets you bring it anywhere. Use it during power outages and never go searching in the dark. Select the right battery for kids toys in an instant. Loose batteries can touch contacts and drain power. But not with Battery Daddy. They stay fully charged and protected in their own compartment.

Keep one in the house and one in the office, boat or RV to organize, store and protect all your batteries. The clear locking lid lets you see everything at a glance. Buy Battery Daddy now for only $19.99 plus S&H and you’ll get a free built-in battery tester, so you’ll instantly know which batteries are bad or good — saving you time and money.

Snackeez All-in-One Snacking Solution

Snackeez is the all-in-one, go anywhere snacking solution that’s sweeping the nation. Now, you can have your snack and 16 ounces of your favorite drink, all in one hand. The sealed lid keeps snacks fresh and clean, and with its unique design, spills are a thing of the past. Chip bowl disasters? Kids leaving a mess of crumbs, or spilling their drinks in the car? Never again with Snackeez.

Holds 16 ounces, plus a whole bag of chips.

Your snack stays safe from dirt and bugs, and no more having to share the chip bowl with your gross friends and family. Great for breakfast on the go, or for snacking and sipping anytime. Snackeez is like a party in a cup!

Snackeez is dishwasher safe and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Great for a workout, after practice or the big game, or even on the road. It goes everywhere. Kids love it, guys love it, and moms love it because there’s less mess.

This special offer not available in stores.

Make it healthy with fruit and a protein shake. How about nuggets, fries and drink — all in one hand? Snackeez is taking the world by storm. And they come in cool colors: pink/blue, blue/green, green/orange and orange/purple. Everyone in your family will love them! Order 2 Snackeez for only $14.99 plus $4.99 S&H. Or buy 6 and save.

ShamWow Masks with Zinc

Get the ShamWow Mask, made in the USA with the best professional grade material from Germany. Disposable masks can protect, but they’re not washable. ShamWow Masks are machine washable and reusable, while disposable masks are a waste of money. ShamWow Masks are infused with real zinc, to help fight and stop bacteria and other microbes. It’s light, breathable, and has a cotton inner layer for comfort.

Made with non-woven fibers like professional-grade masks.

Almost all cloth masks are made with woven fibers, with allow viruses and airborne germs to get through easily. ShamWow is made from non-woven fibers that prevent microbes from entering, keeping you safe and sound. You get it all. Comfort, zinc, reusability and the best protection. Those other masks you see on TV are made in China. For premium quality, go with the USA.

Air Police 4 – 4 Layer Electrostatic Face Mask As Seen on TV

Introducing Air Police 4 Face Mask with 4 layers of protection, shipped directly to you from a USA warehouse. Air Police uses 4 layers of high performance fabric, with a cutting-edge, melt-blown electrostatic inner core. The one-size-fits-all flexible ear straps are comfortable for all-day wear, with a customizable nose piece for a secure fit, and the breathability to wear your glasses fog-free.

TV exclusive offer. As low as 99¢ each with FREE shipping.

Get Air Police 4 with 4 layers of protection for just $1.99 each. Order now and receive special pricing for as low as 99¢, and get free shipping. Plus, you can get an extra-large bottle of Handvana Hydroclean Hand Sanitizing Gel – just pay a seperate fee. This offer is not available on Amazon.