Blue Diamond Grill Genie Cooking System

Now you can enjoy barbeque flavor all year long using the Blue Diamond Grill Genie Cooking System with non-stick grill and steaming lid. Grill Genie’s ceramic coating is infused with millions of diamonds, the hardest material known to man. The vented steam lid that seals in moisture and cooks up to 30% faster.

Non-stick. Easy cleanup.

Other grillers burn the outside while leaving the inside raw. Grill Genie cooks evenly inside and out, for a difference you can see and taste. Make an upside down pizza. The toppings back into the grill ridges, but the pizza pops out without sticking. Make grilled chicken wings with easy cleanup, because the sauce won’t stick to the pan.

Grill all your favorite foods.

Use the lid to steam lobsters, shellfish, grilled shrimp and corn on the cob for a seafood feast. Grill sear lined steaks while fat drips away. Enjoy BBQ hotdogs all year long. Use the lid when grilling burger to stop splatters and melt cheese perfectly. And even burned-on messes come right off.

Dishwasher safe and toxin free.

Delicate fish won’t break or flake. Handles a 5 lb. chicken with ease. Oven and broiler safe up to 850º. Toxin free — no PFOA, no PFAs, no lead and no cadmium. Dishwasher safe. Use metal utensils without scratching. Order the Blue Diamond Grill Genie Cooking System with free shipping. As a bonus, you’ll get Blue Diamond Tongs and digital recipe guide absolutely free.

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet

Pocket Hose Silver Bullet is the hassle-free hose that grows. Just turn on the water, and the Silver Bullet inflates from pocket size to supersize. Turn off the water, and it shrinks back down to a super light pocket hose. No more dragging heavy hoses, no more flipping and whipping to clear the kinks — this hose will never kink.

Never kinks. Stores anywhere.

The Silver Bullet stores with ease. Perfect for boats and RVs. The Bullet Shell outer casing resistes snagging, tearing and wearing. It easily maneuvers around the garden without crushing your plants. And there’s no lead. The machine aluminum connectors make it safe for drinking.

TV Double Offer.

dump the heavy old hose for the lightest hose you’ll ever own. Order Pocket Hose Silver Bullet and get two hoses and 2 free Bullseye Turbo Shot Jet Nozzles during this special TV Double Offer.

Hurricane Windshield Wizard

Windshields are impossible to clean, making you stretch and strain. And a dirty windshield is downright dangerous. The Hurricane Windshield Wizard is the one tool that does the reaching and cleaning for you. It uses the power of microfiber with a pivoting head and ergonomically designed handle to make cleaning windshields quick and easy.

Cleans your windshield like a magic wand.

Fill the specially designed handle with plain tap water, and the built-in sprayer dispenses at the touch of a button. No need for glass cleaners, because the microfiber bonnet cleans streak-free using just water. So no matter where you need to reach, the Windshield Wizard cleans all your glass like a magic wand. Then it folds away for space saving storage.

Use it inside to clean windows, mirrors and more.

Bring the Windshield Wizard inside to clean windows, mirrors, and stainless steel appliances. Use it dry for dusting. The added reach is like an extra arm for hard to reach places. The microfiber bonnets are washable and reusable. Order Hurricane Windshield Wizard today and take advantage of the limited time Double Offer and Deluxe Offer.

Hairology Volumizing Hair Fibers

Introducing Hairology — the new natural keratin hair fibers that instantly thicken your hair and conceal your scalp. Just point and pump, and the natural keratin fibers with oat proteins instantly fill and blend for naturally thicker, fuller, more youthful hair. Thousands of natural keratin fibers magnetically attract to your hair, thickening and completely concealing thinning hair and scalp.

With Hairology, you’ll get instant, natural looking coverage that lasts all day. It’s wind and humidity resistant, and stays there until you wash it out. The unique Smart Shades pick up your natural color and highlights for a perfect match. Just point and pump to instantly thicken your hair, conceal your scalp, and cover your roots in seconds. Guaranteed or your money back.

Copper Fit Energy Socks

The All-New Copper Fit Energy Socks have been redesigned for the first ever easy-on, easy-off fit, to help reduce swelling, tired achy muscles and provide energizing support. A new blend of powerful copper-infused, odor-reducing, and stretchable fabric, for the most comfortable easy-on, easy-off compression fit.

Easy-on, easy-off. The compression support you need.

Extra support around the arch and ankles, for increased support and relief of muscle aches and pains. Copper Fit Energy Socks just slip right on, but still offer the compression support you really want. There’s a soft cushioned footbed to absorb shock and for all-day support.

Get 2 pair for only $19.99.

Feel more energized, more active — just feel better, wearing the most comfortable compression sock you will ever wear. Order Copper Fit Energy Socks today and get 2 pair for only $19.99.

FastBall Magnetic Phone Mount

Don’t let your phone take the fall. Get the new FastBall, the magnetic mount that holds any device tight. FastBall combines a steel ball and magnetic socket to create the ultimate media mount. Now you can adjust your phone 360º to any angle or position, while your phone stays securely in place. Then, it releases with a light tug.

Holds tight and adjusts to any viewing angle.

The ball and socket is the most stable and articulating joint in the body, and the inspiration for the FastBall. The strong steel ball mounts securely on almost any surface in your car, home or office. Then place the ultra-thin magnetic disk on the back of your phone or case. It adjusts and holds at virtually any viewing angle. It’s perfect for handsfree calling, video chats, streaming your music, GPS maps, watching movies, and even shooting video.

Simply Sonic

Simply Sonic is the sonic powered toothbrush with charcoal infused bristles, for the freshest cleanest smile. It delivers over 20,000 brush strokes per minute for a deep down clean. The specially designed charcoal infused bristles reach in between teeth and go down deep between the gum line.

Whiter, brighter teeth and healthier gums.

This amazing electric toothbrush has two speeds — power speed to blast away plaque and gingivitis, and the gentle speed for delicate gum tissue. The built in timer lets you know how long to brush in each area. The powerful sonic action fights surface stains, giving you whiter, brighter teeth and healthier gums in just days. Simply Sonic is perfect for cleaning crowns, caps, bridges and implants. Easily reaches back molars and dentures. And there’s no better way to get down deep between braces.

Free shipping. Web exclusive double offer.

For the whitest, brightest, freshest teeth ever, order Simply Sonic today. Comes complete with countertop stand and 2 charcoal-infused brush heads. Double your order through this exclusive web offer.

Wahl 2-in-1 Vacuum Beard Trimmer

That beard trimmer you’re using right now isn’t cutting it, and its damp blades can tug and pull. And look at the mess when you’re done. But not anymore. Introducing the Wahl 2-in-1 Vacuum Trimmer. It delivers the finest precision trimming of your beard, and it cleans up after itself as it trims.

The beard trimmer that cleans up after itself.

The trimmings are sucked into the chamber using a separate motor to guarantee strong airflow and increased velocity. That kind of power and suction means that virtually nothing is left to fall in the sink.

Adjust the vacuum head for your beard link. Snap on the guide comb, and your Wahl trims and cleans up at the same time. A perfect trim, without the mess — no matter what your length or style. When it’s time to clean the collection chamber, just release and empty.

Professional, precision quality blades.

The Wahl 2-in-1 Vacuum Trimmer features professional quality blades of precision ground carbon steel that stay sharp longer for a smooth comfortable trim. Trimmers that use stamped blade eventually dull and can cause tugging or pulling. Wahl uses a hardened carbon steel blades that are finely ground to stay sharp and give great results. The finer the blade, the finer the quality.

Best of all, Wahl has revolutionized trimmer by adding a powerful vacuum, positioned to capture virtually all trimmings, and strong enough to pick up just about anything in its path. This commitment to quality has made Wahl the trusted choice of professionals for nearly a century.

Up to 90 minutes of trimming per charge.

It delivers up to 90 minutes of runtime per charge — that’s up to 3 times longer than competitors and mean up to 4 months between charges. And if the battery does run out while you’re using it, just plug it in and keep on trimming.

This special offer is not available in stores. Order today your Wahl 2-in-1 Vacuum Beard Trimmer today. The entire package including free bonus items is an over $100 value.

Groom Glider

Groom Glider is the gentle new pet brush that combines 3 different grooming tools in 1, to detangle, de-shed and bathe your pet. The long bristles and easy grip handle gently glide through fur, removing knots while grabbing loose fur for a deeper clean and shinier coat.

The best pet brush you’ll ever buy.

The secret is the flexible silicone fingers that gently grab hair and dander from deep within the undercoat for pain free grooming. Then just flip, add shampoo into the honeycomb ridges and massage for a luxurious bath your pet will love. The silicone tips massage out knots while attracting fur like a magnet for less shedding, guaranteed. Many pet owners say it’s the best brush they’ve ever used.

TV Double Offer. Free Pedi Groom.

Pet fur gets everywhere — on your clothes and around the house. But Groom Glider is gentle enough for furniture and clothing too. It’s mold and mildew resistant and rinses clean in seconds. Check out the Groom Glider TV Double Offer including free Pedi Groom to safely and gentle trim your pet’s nails. 100% knot-free guarantee.