Diamond Sharp Ceramic Coated Knife

Diamond Sharp is the ceramic coated knife infused with real diamonds. It’s ultra hard, ultra sharp and ultra durable. Even cheese won’t stick to the diamond coating. Now you can chop, slice and dice quickly and easily. With Diamond Sharp, you have the right tool for the job. Nothing sticks and it stays ultra sharp.

Ultra sharp and 5X stronger than steel.

This knife combines a stainless steel core with a genuine diamond infused ceramic coating. Now it’s five times stronger than steel. The secret’s in the diamonds. The textured non-slip grip makes it easy on the hands.

TV Double Offer, plus free peeler.

Get the incredibly sharp Diamond Sharp Knife for only $19.99 with free shipping. Double the offer when you pay a separate fee. You’ll also get the Diamond Sharp peeler absolutely free. It’s the easy, ultra sharp and effortless peeler you’ll love.

Copper Fit Compression Gloves

Introducing the new Copper Fit Compression Gloves with Sure Grip technology to give you more power, more control, and more agility than ever. Our most advanced copper compression fabric, woven into an ultra-lightweight performance glove that fits like a second skin, to support relief and recovery of sore muscles and painful joint stiffness. New Sure Grip bands are built in to provide a strong non-slip grip for more power and control.

Breathable wicking fabric fits like a second skin.

Breathable, wicking fabric with an open finger design for full range of motion, feel and control. Relief from muscle and joint soreness guaranteed or your money back. Don’t let pain, swelling and stiffness stop you cold.

Campbell Posture Cane

Take your next step upright, secure, and with less pain. The Campbell Posture Cane is the ingenious walking cane that allows you to walk more upright, changing your line of sight so you look forward instead of down. You’ll be perfectly balanced, safe, secure and more comfortable when you walk. With the Posture Cane, you’ll have more confidence and see everything around you. You’ll have more support and less fear of falling.

The secret is in the revolutionary Campbell Handle. It takes the pressure off your shoulder and wrist, placing you in a natural, upright, pain-free position. And this cane comes with a 360º Traction Tip. It stands next to you, and allows you to easily get up and out of chairs. You’ll safely navigate sidewalks and stairs.

The Campbell Posture Cane works by supporting the strength of your body using biomechanical engineering to dramatically improve your posture, help you move more easily, and feel less pain. It comes with 12 height adjustments to help you customize the fit. Lightweight and sturdy, it’s easy to carry with you.

Night Hawk Security Spotlight

Night Hawk is the new security light with motion sensor technology and ultra bright LED bulbs. It’s so bright that one Night Hawk light can illuminate an entire house, 300% brighter than some other LED lights. Guaranteed to be the brightest security spotlight you’ll ever own. Can easily been seen from over a half a mile away. Plus, Night Hawk is wireless and installs in seconds, anywhere. And you’ll get 3000 turn-ons with just one set of batteries.

Super bright, motion-activated and wireless.

The 450 lumen LEDs cover up to 675 square feet, giving you peace of mind when it’s dark outside. And the motion sensor is activated from as much as 36 feet away, spreading a wide beam of light to lead the way. Plus, Night Hawk automatically shuts off after 20 seconds. The built-in light sensor keeps it off during the day.

Use Night Hawk indoors or out.

Night Hawk is a great way to see who’s knocking on the door. When you’re away, it keeps your home more secure. Use it indoors too, to light a dark stairway, closet or in your garage. Easily adjusts up, down, left and right for precise positioning. Aim the lighting to shine exactly where you want it. Plus, it’s weatherproof and super durable.

TV Double Offer.

Order Night Hawk today and get the special TV Double Offer. Get 2 Night Hawk Motion Sensor LED Security Spotlights for just $19.99 plus $8.00 S&H. Just pay a separate $8.99 fee for the 2nd unit.

Flip-Up Tac Glasses

These days, it seems everybody has a pair of tactical sunglasses. But what if you already wear glasses? Then you need Flip-Up Tac Glasses. These new glasses fit right over your existing eyewear to give you all the benefits of Tac Glasses while you comfortably wear your regular glasses. And when you don’t need them, the lenses flip up and out of the way. Snap them right back in place when it gets bright again.

See clearly without glare. Flip them up when you don’t need them.

Like all Tac Glass, Flip-Up Tac Glasses feature Bell+Howell light filtering technology that makes invisible objects suddenly become visible. Whether you’re on the trail, on the golf course, on the water, or on the slopes, you’ll always see clearly without any glare. There’s just nothing like them on the market today. Backed by a lifetime guarantee.

Free shipping + TV Double Offer.

Act now to get your Flip-Up Tac Glasses for only $19.99 with free shipping. Get a second pair when you pay a seperate fee.

Four Seasons 4-in-1 Heater, Air Purifier, Fan & Humidifier

Four Seasons by Envion is an amazing 4-in-1 device at a very low price. It can do everything a heater, air purifier, fan and humidifier can do, in less space. The air cleaner works continuously, cleaning the air whether you’re using the heater, air circulating fan or humidifier. With Four Seasons, your air will always be clean. The HEPA filter cleans up to 99% of air particles, removing pet dander, smoke, mold spores, allergens and odors.

Healthy air means a healthy home.

But air purification is just the beginning. Four Seasons is also a powerful ceramic heater. When you’re heating a room, you’re also drying it out, and that’s not good. But unlike a conventional heater, Four Seasons is also a high capacity humidifier that lets you add humidity with a turn of the dial. The rich, moist, healthy air will help you avoid dry skin, scratchy throat and  sore sinuses during the coldest, driest parts of the year.

Just pick the air you’re after, and let Four Seasons do the rest.

With Four Seasons, just pick the air you’re after. It operates quietly and efficiently. The easy to operate controls have multiple settings so you can adjust temperature and humidity to your personal comfort level. And it’s lightweight and easy to move to wherever it’s needed in your home.

Enjoy a warm, healthy home all year round. Order Four Seasons by Envion.

Huggle Hoodie Oversized Reversible Hooded Sweatshirt

Huggle Hoodie is the all new oversized sweatshirt that keeps you cozy, warm and totally comfortable. That’s because we took the world’s softest and most luxurious blanket fabric, lined it with the ultimate in warming sherpa comfort, then transformed it in the world’s most comfortable oversized hooded sweatshirt. It’s reversible, so you can wear whichever way feels best for you.

Huggle keeps you comfortable no matter what you’re doing.

There’s a big roomy pocket to keep what you need right at hand. With Huggle, you’ll stay warm and toasty around the house, or cozy and comfy when you’re on the go. Perfect to Huggle up to your pet or your baby, and keep yourself totally comfortable no matter what you’re doing. Roomy enough to cover you from head to toe, and it’s the perfect for kids to stay cozy too. Just slip it on and the chill is gone.

The extra large hood keeps your head comfy and warm. Perfect for cold and drafty dorm rooms, or outside on a chilly night. Stay totally warm when camping or hunting. Ideal for tailgating parties, and keeping you toasty and cozy, even on ice cold bleachers.

Choice of 3 colors. TV Double Offer.

Machine washable, so it’s always cuddly and soft and looking like new. So whether you’re at home lying down, or taking a stroll around town, nothing beats the luxurious warmth, feel and comfort of the Huggle. Available in your choice of 3 colors. Get two Huggle Hoodies with this TV Special Double Offer.


Magic Pad is the fun new way to sketch and create, so all your art illuminates. Its unique pad is clear, but once you draw your art glows super bright. Day or night, the magic color burst LEDs light with Illumi-Screen Science. You can sketch vibrant space aliens or beaming elephants. Press the button and make everything flash, or scramble the colors of your underwater world. There are 8 different light effects in all. And it’s reusable. Just wipe clean and do it all over again.

Draw, sketch and make learning fun.

Light it up with Magic Pad. Pop in one of the included stencils and trace a funky monkey that glows. Or play games like Tic Tac Glow. And it makes learning fun. Great for spelling, math and reading. No more broken crayons or messy cleanups. Hours of fun on long trips. Makes the best glowing night light. Or make an eyepopping neon sign everyone is sure to see.

TV Double Offer.

Get your complete Magic Pad Glowing Art Kit, complete with 3 dual sided neon pens, 30 stencils with art, games, learning and more, travel/storage case, and fun guide loaded with Magic Pad ideas. Get it all for only $19.99 plus $5.99 S&H, and you can double the offer and get two complete Magic Pad sets (just pay a separate $5.99 fee).

Tac Camera Body Cam

Body cams are revolutionizing law enforcement. But cops aren’t the only ones who can use a personal camera. Introducing the latest product from Bell+Howell — Tac Camera Body Cam. It’s the body cam for the rest of us. Inspired by state of the art tactical technology, Tac Camera continuously captures up to 8 gigabytes of high definition video and audio. Just clip it to your clothing. It automatically loops, so you never run out of recording space.

Capture every moment with Tac Camera.

Now, when the unexpected happens, you’ll have the evidence you need to get the justice you deserve. Use your Tac Camera to relive one of a kind experiences. You’ll be ready to capture every magic moment, or to make sure you always have proof of what really happened.

You don’t have to be a computer genius to use a Tac Camera. With just a few clicks, you can view, download and save your videos for later. And it’s military tough, with the quality you expect from Bell+Howell. Clings to clothing no matter what moves you make.

Free shipping. TV Double Offer.

Never miss a magic moment. Stop being a victim of everyday injustice. Order your Tac Camera – The Body Cam of the Rest of Us. You’ll be instantly upgraded to the Night Vision model with 7 built-in infrared LEDs. Double your order when you pay a separate fee.