Obamacare Holdouts: Why eHealth Is Better Than HealthCare.gov

Obamacare Open Enrollment - Time is Running Out

Obamacare holdouts. You know who you are. You don’t have health coverage, and you’re resisting the pressure to sign up by the March 31 deadline for open enrollment. Do you really think it’s better to pay a tax penalty, receiving nothing in return, than to get affordable coverage that protects you in the event of illness or accident? Here are some reasons to convince you otherwise.

You don’t need to enroll on the government’s website.

Are you hesitant to sign up via HealthCare.gov because it’s a government website, or did you already have a bad experience when you tried to sign up and it wasn’t working?

As of March 2, private insurance marketplace eHealth (eHealthInsurance.com) has been authorized to sell Obamacare-qualified, subsidized health plans — the same plans, at the same prices you’d find on HealthCare.gov — on a superfast, streamlined website that’s been up and running and selling health coverage for years without problems.

How does eHealth make money? They’re an insurance broker. Health insurers pay them a commission for each signup. In return, eHealth gives mom-and-pop bloggers like us a part of that commission to tell you about them and link to their website.

It’s a win-win! You get affordable coverage, you don’t pay a penny more, and you reward enterprising entrepreneurs and small businesspeople for creating and alerting you to a better alternative. The government may do some things right, but building websites is not one of them.

Find plans and rates fast — without signing up and providing personal information.

On eHealth’s state-of-the-art website, you can quickly find out if you qualify for a subsidy (most people do) and browse available health plans just by providing your zip code, gender and birth date. If you find a plan you can live with, create an account and purchase your coverage. It’s really easy to do, and you’re in control.

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