Night Hawk Security Spotlight

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Night Hawk Security Spotlight

Night Hawk is the new security light with motion sensor technology and ultra bright LED bulbs. It’s so bright that one Night Hawk light can illuminate an entire house, 300% brighter than some other LED lights. Guaranteed to be the brightest security spotlight you’ll ever own. Can easily been seen from over a half a mile away. Plus, Night Hawk is wireless and installs in seconds, anywhere. And you’ll get 3000 turn-ons with just one set of batteries.

Super bright, motion-activated and wireless.

The 450 lumen LEDs cover up to 675 square feet, giving you peace of mind when it’s dark outside. And the motion sensor is activated from as much as 36 feet away, spreading a wide beam of light to lead the way. Plus, Night Hawk automatically shuts off after 20 seconds. The built-in light sensor keeps it off during the day.

Use Night Hawk indoors or out.

Night Hawk is a great way to see who’s knocking on the door. When you’re away, it keeps your home more secure. Use it indoors too, to light a dark stairway, closet or in your garage. Easily adjusts up, down, left and right for precise positioning. Aim the lighting to shine exactly where you want it. Plus, it’s weatherproof and super durable.


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