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Free Personalization on Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her

Leave it to Bradford Exchange to provide the best gift ideas—and free engraving—for your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day. It’s that time of year again to stress out over just the right way to say, “I care about you—enough to allow a mail-order company to pick out the perfect Valentine’s gift!” Bradford Exchange has been the go-to mail-order gift company for more than 30 years. This Valentine’s season, it’s offering the high-quality, eye-catching products you’ve come to expect, plus with free personalization for jewelry. Order now to get ahead of the curve and make sure your gift arrives before the big day.

Disney Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse Love Story Handbag

Disney Mickey Mouse And Minnie Mouse Love Story Handbag
This year’s hot gifts include this designer vintage-style Disney purse featuring a heart charm, pebbled faux leather and cool colors. A true original for the lady in your life.

“Puppy Love” Satchel-Style Handbag: Choose Your Breed

Puppy Love Satchel-Style Handbag: Choose Your Breed
Another cool handbag is this “Puppy Love” bag that comes with a removable shoulder strap, pebbled faux leather and, the centerpiece, a sculpted dog charm in your choice of breeds!

“I Am Yours” Engraved White Topaz Couples Ring

I Am Yours Engraved White Topaz Couples Ring
White topaz is in! You’ll be the star in your lady’s life this year when you present this “I Am Yours” couples ring with a free, personalized engraving. It features three white topaz rocks, a 1-1/4-carat center stone and 24k gold plating.

Romantic Personalized 7-Diamond Engraved Ring

Romantic Personalized 7-Diamond Engraved Ring
Tell her you love her with a ring radiantly engraved with the season’s four-letter word, featuring seven diamonds and a unique split band. You can also get the names of you and your lover engraved for free on both sides of that magic word. Bradford Exchange has these and many gifts ready to ship out to you in time for Valentine’s Day.

New Product Tuesday: Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk

A hot new As Seen on TV product, Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk, is being pitched as a natural alternative to traditional wood polishing products, and one that’s even more effective. The “all natural” element has us wondering: Do the Amish use only organic, all-natural products today?

“Finally, there’s a pure and simple product from a pure and simple people.”

The pitch for Dutch Glow speaks of “crafty chemical companies” that have “deceived” us for years. “Finally, there’s a pure and simple product from a pure and simple people,” says a voiceover as we see an Amish buggy sauntering down a wooded lane.

The polish claims to be based on a century-old formula invented by an Amish woodworker, and promises to break down years of wax buildup to reveal wood’s natural shine. With all this “natural” talk, where do the Amish actually stand today?

“Most Amish farms are not organic, and most Amish farmers use a variety of pesticides and fertilizers.”

According to, the perception of the Amish as being organic stewards of the land is not all that accurate: “Most Amish farms are not organic, and most Amish farmers use a variety of pesticides and fertilizers.” For decades, says the site, the Amish have been using artificial methods to boost crop yields alongside their non-Amish agricultural counterparts. There’s been a move in recent years by some Amish farmers, though, to produce certified-organic foods.

Despite this misperception, all of us could use fewer chemicals in our daily lives and less waxy buildup on our furniture. Dutch Glow Amish Wood Milk could prove to be a “pure and simple” (and effective) addition to your home’s cleaning arsenal.

Here’s where to order Dutch Glow.

Infomercial Queen Forbes Riley to Host New TV Talk Show Series

Forbes Riley, long the doyenne of health-and-fitness infomercials, is hitting cable networks this spring with a new series of her Forbes Living TV talk show.

The fitness infomercial queen’s new series is aimed at athletes and exercisers of all skill levels who are looking to improve a personal best or master their sport or fitness regimen.

“Whether you’ve mastered a fitness routine or have become a pro at a favorite sport, there’s always room for improvement,” reads a news release about the series. “And to continue seeing results, fitness enthusiasts and athletes can’t stick to the same routine. Finding new challenges and ways to further develop and perfect skills is important to achieving peak performance.”

Forbes Living TV features celebrity interviews, and has pitched legendary products like the Living Well HealthMaster Fruit & Vegetable Emulsifier, Estrinol menopause relief and the SpinGym. The show airs on cable networks including WE and ION, as well as Fox and ABC broadcast stations.

Forbes Riley, who claims the mantle of “America’s Most Loved Health & Fitness Innovator,” has been a familiar television face for decades, as an actress, spokeswoman and TV host. She is in the Fitness Hall of Fame, and has sold over a billion dollars’ worth of products.

Snuggie Clone ‘Unlikely to Succeed’

In one of his latest weekly roundups, direct-response product prognosticator Jordan Pine of SciMark Corp. declares it’s probably too soon to introduce a Snuggie clone, an idea that peaked a few years ago. TeleBrands’ Goody Hoody, opines Pine, is chasing what “was clearly a fad.”

“Trying to bring it back — even in a new and improved version — is a little like trying to bring back Zhu Zhu Pets, the Furby or any similar craze product,” writes Pine.

Of course, Telebrands founder A. J. Khubani passed on Snuggie several years back and missed out on the biggest As Seen on TV phenomenon of all time. Must still be a sore spot with A.J.

Sweet Smell of … Ranch Dressing Scented Candles!

At first we thought maybe Hidden Valley was going full ironic hipster by selling candles that smelled like its signature ranch dressing or hoaxing the web with a campaign for a fake product. Some quick Internet sleuthing revealed, however, that this commercial  is the creation of one Mickey Dwyer, a Hidden Valley-obsessed auteur whose YouTube channel features a slew of other delightful ad parodies, including one for Hidden Valley breath strips.

For truly weird candles that actually exist, check out the Hotwicks Bacon Scented Candle. Hotwicks candles also come in Campfire, Fresh Cut Grass, Beer and even Stripper—all those things that make life worth living!

SciMark Report: A DRTV Weekly Roundup

Every week, product prognosticator Jordan Pine of SciMark Corp. posts his predictions for how new products will do in the marketplace.

So how does this seasoned Caesar of direct-response TV products see the latest batch of As Seen on TV contenders?

In his latest Weekly Roundup, Pine gives a thumbs up or thumbs down to five products that you may or may not see on store shelves in the coming months, depending on how they test. Continue reading

Kickstarter Videos: The New Infomercial?

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Those petitions for pay on the new crop of crowdfunding sites like seem hip and modern, but they’re really just something with which American consumers are all too familiar: the infomercial.

Chances are, without the carnival barking and zany antics of showmen like Ron Popeil and Billy Mays, the slick revivalists of the long-form commercial would still be going the traditional route of snagging dollars to launch their weird products. After all, the twenty- and thirtysomethings hawking things like the Duo Coffee Steeper likely grew up on a steady diet of “set it and forget it.”

“What’s more, the form of these short Kickstarter films genuinely mimics those of their ’90s predecessors,” writes Cale Guthrie Weissman at Pando Daily. “Someone’s talking into a screen, there’s an issue to be solved, they provide a kitschy and inoffensive way of presenting the issue and its solution. Honestly, the only main difference between most of these videos and late-night infomercials is the wardrobe, and the feigned live audience.”

As the crowdfunding model becomes more mainstream, it’s only a matter of time till there’s barely a difference between what the hip young things are putting before our eyes, and the commercials of their forebears, those master petitioners who invented the cornball pitch.

Old Spice ‘Momsong’ Commercial: Creepy or Cool?

In its latest revival campaign for its perennially old-guy products, Old Spice is creeping out viewers with moms who are way too concerned with their sons’ sex lives.

The “Momsong” commercial for Refresh body spray, part of Old Spice’s “Smellcome to Manhood” campaign, features various frantic moms following their sons around town, and has racked up over 5 million views on YouTube. There’s a mom disguised as a janitor watching over her son in the lunchroom as he canoodles with a hot high schooler. One mom is buried up to her head in sand as her son canoodles beachside with a hottie. Yet another mom holds onto a car bumper and goes laundry-basket surfing as her son canoodles in a convertible.

There’s a whole lot of sweaty moms and a whole lot of oblivious canoodling.

So what kind of message is Old Spice trying to convey to the teen and twentysomething consumers it’s trying to ensare? It probably just comes down to, “You’re a big boy now, and look how funny it is that Mom’s confused by your burgeoning sexuality.” Of course, some viewers have been left creeped out by the spots.

One tweet called it “both genius and disturbing,” according to CNN. Another tweeted, “BTW the Old Spice Smellcome to Manhood lamenting moms commercial creeps me out AND pisses me off.”

But CNN also highlighted one tweet that nods to the masterfulness of the campaign: “To you fine advertising folks who worked on that Old Spice moms commercial: you silenced a room of football-watchers last night. Nicely done.”

If you’re not creeped out, you can buy the complete line of Old Spice products at Amazon.

Vince Offer’s ‘Inappropriate Comedy’ out on DVD

If you love the style and humor of the pitchman behind fan-favorite products Slap Chop and ShamWow, you might also enjoy his second grossout feature film, Inappropriate Comedy. Vince “Offer” Shlomi was somehow able to snag an Oscar winner for this outing, out now on DVD (buy it cheap at Amazon). He’s also trying to reclaim his pitchman throne by cleaning up with his new all-in-one InVinceable household cleaner.

The politically incorrect sketch comedy inexplicably features Academy Award winner Adrien Brody as hardboiled gay cop Flirty Harry, along with a character named the Amazing Racist, in a series of wildly offensive skits. The film also stars celebs like Rob Schneider, Michelle Rodriguez and Lindsay Lohan, all along on the ride with the infomercial king turned flailing shlock/shock auteur as he attempts (and continues to fail miserably) to stake his place in alt-comedy and pop culture.

The DVD release comes with plenty of  extras, including previously unreleased scenes featuring “Blackass” and the Amazing Racist, plus the unfinished extended version of the “Sperm Lake” sketch. But it’s doubtful that any addition to this sordid affair could change the minds of the critics who savaged Inappropriate Comedy upon its debut.

Inappropriate Comedy is nearly as wild as the life of the pitchman himself. You may recall that the Israeli-born Vince Offer, 49, was arrested back in 2009 after he got into a bloody scrap with a 26-year-old hooker. Vince claimed he hit the woman only after she bit his tongue and wouldn’t let go. They were both bloodied, and both ended up in the hospital. Charges were never filed against either party.

Before the hooker dustup, Vince was involved in a number of lawsuits, most famously against the Church of Scientology. In a 2004 suit, Vince accused the church of attempting to smear his reputation when he was a member in 1997. The suit claimed the church’s vendetta was sparked after he started funneling profits from his pre-Slap Chop “the Chopper” product away from the church and into his first feature, 1999’s The Underground Comedy Movie. Soon after the suit was dismissed and Vince left the church, he launched his well-known infomercials for the ShamWow and Slap Chop.

Along with the new DVD release, Vince is back pitching a brand-new product that he hopes to put him back on his pitch pedestal. The InVinceable all-purpose home cleaner promises to replace cleaning supplies used in the bathroom, laundry room and kitchen, saving households more than $500 a year.

Time will tell if Vince still has that old pitchman magic. Hopefully so, because his movie-director pretensions seem to be just that.