New Product Tuesday: Mow Less With Grassology

For this New Product Tuesday, we give you Grassology, a scientific breakthrough that grows green grass all year round that requires less mowing and watering. Just sprinkle these seeds on your existing lawn to grow a lush, virtually maintenance-free lawn.

Roots grow 4x deeper to grab water and nutrients.

Grassology reaches four times deeper than standard grass seeds, so it grabs more nutrients and water. This means you don’t have to fertilize and water it as much. It also reaches dwarf height, and is guaranteed to require a lot less mowing.

Fix bald spots while fighting disease, insects, weeds…

If you’ve got bare patches, bald spots or brown spots caused by pets, use Grassology. It naturally fights disease, insects and weeds. You’ll have a lawn that looks like a fairway. Grassology saves time and money, with no more high watering bills, no more weekly mowing, no more ongoing fertilizing and no more constant weeding.

Grassology before and after
Mow and water less with revolutionary Grassology.

Double your order for free, and get a free Pocket Hose Ultra!

Click here to get two orders of Grassology for just $14.95 (plus S&H), and you’ll also get the 25-foot-long Pocket Hose Ultra, the No. 1 expandable garden hose in the world. That’s two 1-pound bags of Grassology. Each 1-pound bag is enough to cover 250 sq. ft.

60-day money-back guarantee

If your lawn isn’t thicker, fuller and greener in 60 days, you’ll get your money back.

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