Neater Scooper

Neater Scooper Scoop-to-Bag Cat Litter System

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Neater Scooper Scoop-to-Bag Cat Litter System

Introducing Neater Scooper, the cleaner, smarter cat litter scooper that neat cat owners love. With just one hand, you scoop, sift and lift. Neater Scooper’s trap door automatically opens and closes to allow you to repeatedly scoop and collect waste, storing it in the attached waste bin without spilling the litter, missing the bag, or touching the waste.

Neater Scooper doubles as a caddy to store the dirty scoop, keeping floors purrfectly clean. Cleaning the litter box was never faster or easier. Smelly litter normally means a trip to the trash, but with Neater Scooper you just tie off the handles of the scented bag and toss in the wastebasket. The scented bag locks in the odor. Neater Scooper even has convenient storage for bag refills. Order Neater Scooper and stop the mess! Made in the USA.


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