Neater Feeder Express Pet Feeding Station

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Neater Feeder Express Pet Feeding Station

Does your perfect pet turn into a messy monster at feeding time? Neater Feeder is the incredible pet invention that catches spilled water and food before it hits the floor, guaranteed. The secret is the patented 2 part mess-proof design. Spilled water drains into the bottom, while food is trapped in the top.

Food and water spills never hit the floor.

With Neater Feeder, say goodbye to constant cleaning and ruined floors. Bump or kick it, and the spills never hit the floor. Plus, Neater Feeder’s raised design creates a comfortable feeding position your dog or cat will love. This offer includes two free stainless steel bowls.

Neater Feeder comes in sizes perfect for your cat, or small, medium or large dog. This limited time offer is not available in stores.


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