My Get Up and Go Cane

My Get Up & Go Cane

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My Get Up & Go Cane

My Get Up & Go Cane is the first cane with a second handle designed by a orthopedic surgeon to help you or someone you love stand up or sit down more easily and safely. Simply spread the pivoting handle, lean forward and push up — easing the strain on your back and legs. Traditional canes can be wobbly, and even unsafe to lean against, leaving you to reluctantly ask for help. With My Get Up & Go Cane, you’ll regain your independence.

The difference is in the equal weight distribution system, leverage ten full inches of support for proper balance and easy mobility. My Get Up & Go Cane is fully adjustable, and its soft foam handle eases impact on your hand and joints. Great for rehabbing, and for difficult spaces like your car or the bathroom. Built-in LED light to help you see at night. All-terrain, self-standing base. Now you can enjoy the mobility you deserve.

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