Motion Brite

Motion Brite Motion Activated LED Strip Light

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Motion Brite Motion Activated LED Strip Light

Wouldn’t it be great if dark places instantly became bright every time you needed light, even inside your cabinets and under your sink? Now you can. Motion Brite is the super bright LED strip that turns on and off automatically, just like the light in your refrigerator. It comes on when you need it, and turns off again soon after you’re done. Because Motion Brite is motion activated instead of switch activated, you can put it anywhere — like under shelves and over workbenches.

Motion-activated. Super bright.

Stop struggling to find things in the dark. Add a Motion Brite and quickly be on your way. Don’t settle for inconvenient lights you need to reach and then press. Motion Brite turns on automatically when you come near, then automatically turns off a few seconds after you leave. Best of all, it’s so bright, you can use it instead of a regular light. It’s perfect for attics, ideal for stairwells, and the best solution ever for dark doorways at night.

You’ll find all kinds of uses for Motion Brite, and all kinds of places where it really comes in handy. Plus, the clever mounting system lets you easily remove it and take it with you. Handy for power outages or any other time you need portable light.

Ordinary stick-up lights only have a few bulbs, so they can’t give you much light. Some are solar powered, which makes the light even weaker. Order Motion Brite with 8 state of the art super bright LEDs that automatically make dark places bright whenever you need light.


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