Mile Light Flashlight

Mile Light Flashlight

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Mile Light Flashlight

With the Mile Light Flashlight, you’re going to see everything in a brand new light from as far as a mile away. It’s the only flashlight that can see a problem before it happens. Mile Light has five different modes, so you always have the right light. You can illuminate a whole room or focus on one spot with the 2000X zoom. And you can quickly switch to strobe to scare away danger when you’re alone.

Available in four designer colors: rose gold, pink, blue or black. Wherever you walk at night, you can be safely surrounded by light. Mile Light is the most important light you can own if you ever go anywhere alone. The attention-getting safety mode will get you help fast.

Mile Light is the ideal find-anything light in a dark basement, closet, or cluttered attic. It can throw a wide beam down the stairs to make sure there’s nobody’s there. Great for camping to illuminate your campsite or the trail ahead. And when you need to be seen from far away, Mile Light zooms in and saves the day.

When the power goes out, there’s no better light to help you navigate around the house then Mile Light. You can count on Mile Light in any situation. Focus tight or wide, and nothing can hide.


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