Milana Bra by Genie Canada

Milana Bra by Genie Canada

The Milana Bra by Genie, designed by a woman for women, is now available in Canada. This amazing bra gives you super support, amazing lift and incredible comfort, all in a beautifully sewn lace cami style. Say goodbye to painful straps that dig into your shoulders. Say “no more” to sharing more than you want to. And say “never again” to adding bulky layers to cover up.

Milana Bra gives you comfortable, classy coverage.

The Milana Bra gives you comfortable, classy coverage and a slim, sleek look. Now you can get rid of unsightly back fat, because the Milana Bra gives you an instantly sleek look every time you wear it. Uncomfortable underarm bulge disappears into a smooth, seamless fit.

Transform embarrassing cleavage into sexy, classy coverage. Easy to clean. Just toss the Milana Bra into the washer and dryer, and it always bounces back to its original shape. No special care required. The Milana Bra even comes with removable modesty pads.

Every woman gets a perfect fit.

How much money have you spent on painful bras that just don’t fit, and just don’t cover? Just order by your top size for a perfect fit that will instantly conform to your shape, and provides the hand-sewn lace comfort you want.

The Milana Bra gets a 5 star rating for its perfect fit, comfort, support, lift and value.

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