Mighty Bite Worm Fishing Lure Kit

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Mighty Bite Worm Fishing Lure Kit

Introducing Mighty Bite Worm with the revolutionary patented interchangeable fin design that will change worm fishing forever. You can change the feet and legs in seconds, creating a wiggly, wacky worm, a lily pad leaping lizard, a swimming creature bait, or even a top water swimming frog. Add real worm scent sticks to the salt-impregnated body to create a powerful dual attractant. The patented leg and feet slots allow you to access the internal chambers. You can also insert an internal weighting system or rattles. When you add weights, the Mighty Bite Worm has self activated wiggling action. It moves through the water like it’s alive.

Mighty Bite Worm looks, sounds, smells, feels and tastes like a real worm, with hundreds of different fish catching combinations. It’s the next generation of worm technology. One worm does it all. The Mighty Bite Worm system comes with over 100 pieces including reusable worm bodies, assorted legs and feet, genuine worm scent sticks, weighting system, rattles, locking pins, hooks and accessories. You’ll also get the free 90 minute Worm Fishing Secrets DVD.


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