Micro Touch Switchblade

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Micro Touch Switchblade

Micro Touch Switchblade is the 2-in-1 lighted hair trimmer that lets you groom everywhere, head to toe. Back in the day, women preferred men who sprouted hair everywhere. But today, women prefer the sleek, clean look, and that’s why you need the new Switchblade.

Put the power to groom from head to toe (and everywhere in-between) right in the palm of your hand. Even keeps your hair looking neat and trim between haircuts, just by combing. With a both lighted micro-trimmer and full-size trimmer built right in, you can put a razor sharp edge on sideburns, mustaches and beards. Remove unsightly ear and nose hair. And just snap on the guide to perfectly groom bushy eyebrows in seconds. Keep the back of your neck barbershop-perfect all by yourself. Do it all with the Micro Touch Switchblade.

It’s powerful enough for tough back hair, but gentle enough for your most sensitive areas. The snap-on guides let you control how much hair is removed, with precision control. Remove a little, a lot, or all of the hair from anywhere on your body. Eliminates the need for expensive electric trimmers, putting the power of good grooming in the palm of your hand.


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