Meet Lori Black, the Late Shirley Temple’s Heavy Metal Daughter!

Heavy metal and other Shirley Temple family revelations!

While the interwebs mourned the loss yesterday of child star and conservative political powerhouse Shirley Temple Black at age 85, a smaller but related story also made the rounds: The Dimpled One’s daughter, Lori Black, once played bass for sludge-metal titans the Melvins!

In fact, Lori Black’s scant Wikipedia pages sole entry, aside from a two-line bio, is about her time playing with the Melvins and dating its frontman, Buzz Osborne (also known as King Buzzo)., which disclosed this bombshell in its “WTF Revelation of the Day,” writes that the now-59-year-old Black played on three LPs with the Melvins between 1987 and 1991, during which she went by the name Lorax Black.

Osborne opened up about dating Black and spending time with her famous mom in Mark Yarm’s grunge history book Everybody Loves Our Town, reports

“Everything that’s happened — from Nirvana going crazy and on and on and on — none of that holds a candle to how weird that situation was.”

“Everything that’s happened — from Nirvana going crazy and on and on and on — none of that holds a candle to how weird that situation was,” said Osborne. “That’s David Lynch weird.” Osborne was even scared of Shirley Temple Black’s husband David Black after he broke up with Lori in 1992 because he had talked about “strangling Japanese soldiers” during World War II.

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Osborne also spoke of the former child star herself. “Shirley is a self-made woman,” he said. “Shirley’s parents squandered every dime she ever made as a child before she had a chance to spend any of it. She got nothing. Zero.”

“She tap-danced for us, and she was f–king amazing.”

Osborne is also quoted on the Blacks’ home life and Shirley’s musical talents.

“Their house was unbelievable,” said Osborne. “Lots of stuff from the Hearst collection. Amazing shit — they had really great taste. And there was an Oscar sitting there. Shirley talked about her acting a lot. At one point they had her playing drums, and she had a recording of her playing drums when she was a kid, and she sounded like fucking Buddy Rich. And then she showed us how tap dancing is really just drumming. She tap-danced for us, and she was fucking amazing.”

Wikipedia and other sites suggest that Lori Black is now a freelance photographer living in San Francisco.

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