Mattress Wedge

Mattress Wedge

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Mattress Wedge

Mattress Wedge is the award-winning patented solution that closes the gap between your mattress and the wall or headboard of any size bed. Now pillows stay comfortably under your head, not under the bed. Kid’s toys disappear in the open space between the bed and wall, and you’re stuck digging in the crack to retrieve them. Place a Mattress Wedge on your child’s bed and those toys will never get lost again.

Attachable pockets keep nighttime necessities handy.

Mattress Wedge features attachable pockets on each side to hold your remote, phone, glasses and more. It’s available for all sizes and types of beds, and it’s made of high density comfort foam that stays cool to the touch in summer, and insulates in winter.

Nothing slips by Mattress Wedge.

Bed frames are manufactured to be as much as four inches longer than your mattress. That leaves a gaping sinkhole between your mattress and headboard to swallow up your pillows, phone, books and other small items. Mattress Wedge squeezes between to close the gap so nothing slips by.

Mattress Wedge is also perfect for closing the gap between split beds so nothing falls in. The sturdy but lightweight design means it’s easy to remove and replace when it’s time to change the bed. The comfort blend cover is super soft, breathable, and slip off easily for machine washing. Everyone sleeps better with a Mattress Wedge.


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    1. I don’t believe the charges are undisclosed, it’s just that most buyers don’t read carefully before they press the order button. Not defending the way these offers are presented, but want to let people know that you can calculate the total cost before you order (unless you choose some or all of the add-ons you’ll be offered).

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