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Marc Gill Named New Ronco Pitchman

Marc GillYou may have thought Ronco’s long and storied history ended when the firm declared bankruptcy back in 2007, but wait, there’s more!

Ronco, recently acquired by consumer products company CD3 Holdings, is relaunching their brand with a new pitchman, well-known TV infomercial and home shopping personality Marc Gill. Marc follows in the footsteps of legendary Ronco founder Ron Popeil, the “set it and forget it” inventor and pitchman who founded the company back in 1964.

Marc has been named HSN Brand Ambassador and will start showcasing Ronco’s innovative cooking products on shopping channel HSN in February 2014.

“The official press release today naming me the new Brand Ambassador for Ronco, the very company that inspired me to start my journey, is an amazing milestone for me and I am incredibly grateful!” — Marc Gill

Marc is an award-winning pitchman and has appeared in dozens of successful infomercials. He’s worked hard and we congratulate him on his new role pitching products for As Seen on TV’s most iconic brand! Learn more about Marc at his website,

Battle of the Pancake Pans

Flip Jack Pancake PanPerfect Pancake PanDue to the irresistible urge to buy everything you see advertised on TV, you absolutely must have a non-stick folding pancake pan. Who doesn’t love flapjacks smothered in gooey maple-flavored syrup? Undoubtedly due to some dastardly industrial espionage, two such pans have hit the market in quick succession, Perfect Pancake and Flip Jack.

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